The Pratitioner Path Is Open To Those Who Wish To Heal

Step One

As a Sacred Activations Practitioner, you will become part of a large and growing movement ready to take on the challenges of the world and bring peace, health, and unity as we move towards our next evolution. Becoming a Sacred Activations practitioner opens a new world giving you the ability to heal and help others, Unlock your hidden powers and make a change. This program is such a compact training you will be changing thousands of belief systems, connecting with others all around the world, creating a rapid change, and will let you determine what useful and what is excess in your life. By the end of the training, you will know what areas you are most drawn to and how you can make the greatest difference and the best way for you to be of service to the community. Sacred Activations Practitioners are able to sell their services and use the first 26 activations on their own clients, Whatever you decide to do after the training, it is an amazing opportunity to uplift your consciousness and connect to God/Creator. The Practitioner Training Is a 2-day Class that details how to work, and Clear the Collective Consciousness.

Doing the training is a huge healing which will shift your own life to the next level.  Many people do the training simply for their own healing and spiritual journey, without the intention to be a practitioner.

Self-Healing Home Study

This training is an optional prerequisite for this study course

This course includes:

  1. The video replays of previous Golden Seals training sessions
  2. The Complete Sacred Activations Foundation Package that includes 26 foundational life-changing activations!
  3. You will learn how to use the 26 Sacred Activations for your personal life
  4. You will receive a coupon for $200 off the Sacred Activations Practitioner Training

Completion of This Training Will Enable The Practitioner To:

  • You receive the first 26 Golden Seals, which enable you to give the first 26 activations to yourself and others.
  • Learn how to use the Sacred Energy to clear emotions and negative energies from the body. This beautiful energy clears out genetics, collective consciousness, past lives and core beliefs.
  • Activate sacred geometry in the body.
  • Learn about the third-dimensional belief systems of fear, suffering, and lack which are undermining our planet.
  • Learn how to clear out limiting beliefs and energies.
  • Learn about the Fifth Dimension and how to clear out limiting beliefs and energies and how to connect to energies of unconditional love and abundance.
  • Become a licensed Sacred Activations practitioner, permitted to work one-on-one with a client via the internet, phone or in person.
  • Be Licensed to offer the first 26 Activations to clients.
  • When you sign up and pay for a training you automatically receive the replay links to the last training so you can get started immediately and join into a training at your convenience LIVE

Practitioner Home Study and Live Training

Dates Class Will Take Place: February 17th & 18th, 8 AM – 3 PM PST

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