Session 4 (Nov 27, 2019)



Pt 1 – Teaching 

Begins with the realization that everything is inside of you.

Then shares that she received the message that it’s time to start collapsing all of the subconscious programming on the planet, because the majority of our lives are run by our subconscious (95 to 99%).

She began by asking to collapse all of her subconscious programming about relationships. She found some startling realizations about herself with this request.

Then she shares the analogies of doing an activation (like popping a zit), a webinar (like getting a tooth pulled), and collapsing the subconscious beliefs completely in one area of your life (like having minor surgery).


Pt 2 – Guided Meditation

Taking you to your death in the meditation to look at what you did not accomplish in this life and why. After this it will all be energetically reset so that all of those belief systems that kept you from doing all the things you wanted to do in this lifetime and did not do will be gone. This will open you to live your dreams. This will change thousands of belief systems so that you can show up.

This guided meditation is very powerful in all that it does for you, as it helps you stop recreating things that no longer serve you.



Pt 3 – Brief end of webinar

Ends by telling students to take their time to integrate what they’ve learned during this webinar. Reminds then that they have the power, knowledge, understanding, and magic… everything is inside of you… nothing exists outside of you.


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