Session 6 (Jan 22, 2020)


Part 1 – Class Intro

Tamra begins by humorously proclaiming herself to be the Queen of Peace. Then announces that the class will be focused on collapsing all the subconscious programming around being a victim… that Level 1 energy.  From there she talks a bit about now being in Level 4 energy (you are everything) and that in some ways it’s a bit lonely, and explains why. She talks about an instance in her own life in which she could have allowed herself to be a victim, but let it all go. She talks about how being a victim costs us our energy and isn’t worth it. She also teaches that we create every experience that we have. Being awake on this planet means that you’re not being run by your subconscious programming, but being aware. Being awake is conscious creation. It’s time to create the world we want to live in and the lives we want to experience… and we have to create them, which means unplugging from all of the subconscious programs.


Part 2 – Clearing Level I

In this part Tamra begins by clearing Level 1… that of being a victim. Whatever activation you need will be running for you. Focus on being a victim and whatever victimizing belief systems you might have. The following activations are called out and run: Victim/Victimizer, Karmic Loop, Self-Sabotage, Anger and Resentment, Hatred Towards The Opposite Sex, Self-Judgment, Worthy, Playing It Small, Healthy Boundaries, Not Your Doormat, Godspeed, The Illusion of Awareness, Self-Creation. Some are activations, some are deactivations. Peace Within, The War With Inside, Self Sacrifice, Drama Drama, The Addiction Redirection, Having to Help Others, Moving Beyond the Illusion of Separation, Victim of a Job (victim of no job or being a victim of other people), Tethered to the Darkness, Victim of Circumstances, Fight or Flight, Fight to Survive.

Part 3 – Clearing Levels II & III

During this part, Tamra runs the following activations and deactivations. Knowing You Manifest, Fear of Your Manifestations, Fear of Your Own Power, Fear of Being In Charge, Responsibility for the World, Responsibility for Your Family (and friends), Being Killed for What You Do, Self Sacrifice (again), and Honoring Your Family Line. Then she says ask yourself, what if you can manifest really fast? How will others react and how does that make you feel? Knowing that you can manifest and that you know how to. (Or do you not know how to, or that you can or that you have the power?). Then Tamra collapses all subconscious programming around level two. Moving to Level III the following activations are run: Needing an Outside Source for Your Information, Getting Wrong Information, Tracking Lower Level Beings, Needing Protection From Outside Sources, Obligations, Fear of Channeling Bad Energy, or Being Taken Over, and Giving Away Your Power. Then she says, whatever level three is for you, focus on that so it can be cleared. She also suggests that the class listens to these again and again.

Part 4 – Clearing Level IV

This is the level of knowing that you’re everything and everything’s inside you. Tamra tells a story about herself and being told about oneness, but not realizing it… being freaked out by that. She says that it’s time to take full and complete responsibility for everything in our lives. Now she works with the class to collapse all of the belief systems and subconscious programming about you being the creator. So whatever’s stopping you from really understanding that, will be cleared. She then says that any belief system separating you from knowing everything is inside you, and you’re the creator of everything that happens, needs to be let go of right now. Doing this will make you the ultimate manifestor… and clear any fear surrounding that statement.

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