Are you tired of suffering?
Are you not making enough money?
Are you ready to change?


Have you ever wondered despite your dedication to YOUR SPIRITUAL BUSINESS/PASSION, you’re not getting the level of momentum and abundance that you desire?

You know it is TIME to TURN years of spiritual quest, meditation practice, learning, or healing practice to a BUSINESS that delights your heart and fills your bank account…so, what is stopping you to make this your reality?

You want to be able to finally answer the CALLING of your SOUL, trust and refine your spiritual gifts, and be recognized for the work YOU’RE BORN TO DO.

You want to do all of this while living your LIFE to the full expression of love, joy, freedom, and financial independence…

Perhaps you want to travel and run your business from anywhere around this beautiful world …



The answer is :

The old limiting paradigm of MONEY, POWER, and SUPPRESSED-EXPRESSION is still co-existing and hindering spiritual Callings/Businesses.

However, you’re the one with the power to FREE yourself and your business from the old limiting paradigm.

You’re the one with the power to cut yourself out of the eternal STRUGGLE.

You’re the one with the power to self-create and co-create the NEW PARADIGM of abundance, prosperity, healing, accomplishment, and accessed potential.

Did you know we can walk on water? We can perform miracles – all over the world. We can heal the world. There are numerous scientific studies that prove those things we consider impossible to be commonplace.


If we haven’t met already…

Tamra Oviatt is an award winning author, and a recipient of the 2016 International People’s Choice Award in the category of spirituality. She’s also an international best seller on with three published books.

Tamra is the founder of Sacred Activations who has helped tens of thousands of clients worldwide and has trained over 400 practitioners internationally.

Having also been a keynote speaker at ‘Evolving Expo’, ‘LA Conscious Life Expo,‘ and ‘5D Events,’ Tamra has also been featured in over 100 different telesummits and webinars, as well as radio shows and other events!

I’m here to work with you.
Are you a healer?
Are you a coach?
Are you a teacher or someone else who works with people who are suffering and unhappy? Are you done playing small in the way that you serve others? Are you ready to get out there… to be seen and be heard?
Are you ready to work with your clients and help them in a more powerful way? Are you tired of not making enough money?
Are you done with your excuses?

Do you think, believe, or feel that you’re not enough… or you’re not good enough?
How many different modality certifications do you have?
How many different things do you do?
How many different things do you bring to the table? 

If you saw yourself in the questions above, I’m offering three master classes just for you that are going to be completely free. In them we’re going to work on the consciousness of ‘playing it small’ so you’ll not be doing that any more because the world needs you to show up with your own unique gifts.

I’m looking for the right people that are really ready to show up… who I can mentor and support as I help change their subconscious belief systems through the subconsciousness of humanity, ‘cause trust me… we ARE one!

When I asked myself how I could really help the world, I realized that to help the world, all I need to do is help you. I help you get out of there. I help you quit playing small. I help you show up. I help you be able to stand up and be in your power in a very magical, powerful way. In this way you can help your clients, or whoever, so that you can help shift the world. How we shift the world and how we get world peace is that we clear all of the wars within us. We heal our hearts. That’s how we do that.

Are you tired of not making enough money?

I used to do everything on donation, I used to give everybody discounts, I used to charge way too little at all for everything. I’m still really low in my pricing because I work with people all over the world… and I want people from all over the world to be able to join in. But if you say you can’t afford it, that’s an excuse not to grow. That’s an excuse not to show up. You know what I mean?

So are you ready? Are you done with your excuses? Do you think you’re not enough or you’re not good enough? I mean, how many modalities are you certified in? How many different things do you do? How many different things do you bring to the table?

The world is ready for you and your service.


If you’re not showing up you’re doing yourself, and your clients, and the world a disservice. And if you’re not charging enough, you know what? They will not honor you.

When you realize that 95% of our lives are run by our subconsciousness, that also means that 95% of our lives in the world are run by the subconsciousness of the world. So are you ready to stand up?

Are you ready to go into public speaking, get interviewed, be seen, be heard, help hundreds and thousands of people; are you ready for that? Do you feel that inside where all of these trainings are bottled up you’re still wondering, and it’s “What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?”

If this is especially you, I invite you to join me in these master classes. Then after them if you’re ready you can sign up for this 6-week course if you feel like it’s something that resonates with you. And I guarantee you’re going to shift as fast as you’re ready to, and I guarantee that this will be very, very magical, and I guarantee you are going to be so empowered and so ready to show up by the end of these 6 weeks, you’re not even going to recognize the person that started this 6 week before.




An in-depth release of all deadbeat energies, belief systems, psychic imprints, stuck emotions affecting your business to be crystallized and manifested in the energies of the 5th ( and higher)  world of peace, prosperity, self-expression, and sovereignty…

This is my vision for YOU as an empowered healer of the new paradigm:


De-activating obstacles and persistent constructs from your life and your higher purpose and your business


–  De-activating obstacles to receive ‘guidance’ as well as ‘prosperity’.

–  De-activating suffering, lack, and struggle in your business.

–  De-activating fear mechanisms of being killed, criticized, rejected for your creative and healing work.

–  De-activating ancient fears of seeing the truth, accepting your own power, and healing work stigmas.

–  Past life regression and past life regression on other planets.

–  Releasing prosperity and money blocks for charging and receiving ‘money’ for your healing/creative work including ancestral money blocks & collective imprints.

–  De-activating belief systems of playing small, spiritual ego, fears of showing up, and fear of moving too fast.

– De-activating overthinking, perfectionism, and lack of discipline.

– De-activating stubborn energies of dimming your light so others feel good in your powerful presence,

– Ultimate release of oaths, vows, contracts that are hindering your soul and your higher purpose in this new paradigm of peace, prosperity, and sovereignty.

Activating your higher purpose and your special manifestation power


  • Activating your Super Power Gifts and retrieving your spiritual and soul’s gift from other lifetimes, space, and dimensions,
  • Connecting to your guides, ascended masters, and masters of the roundtable.
  • Becoming a Master Manifestor in this new paradigm by activating your creative Gene Extraordinaire,
  • Activating Your Sacred Blueprint and your sacred power
  • Learning how to connect to Divine Mind to receive higher ideas for your offerings, services, and creative projects and declutter your intuition.

And lead your business with your crystal clear intuition.

The webinar was amazing and absolutely powerful.

Three days before this event I noticed I was irritated by almost everything.  As soon as sacred energies began to run I felt blissed and relaxed.

I am doing wonderfully awesome! So connected to myself and all that is. Loving myself and others even more. Even people around me became more kind for me.

It is like when you’re on high vibration and you become even way much higher. I can recommend this for everybody, especially those who want to evolve deeply on every level of their being. Sylwia Magdalena Butas

Energizing your projects, visions, and intentions

  – Learning how to energize your intentions and your projects with specific tools and techniques that are shared in the class.

What’s included:


  • 6 LIVE HEALING CALLS which are tailored to the energy of the group.

THIS CLASS IS NOT LIKE ANY PROGRAM THAT I HAVE EVER OFFERED. Every call includes tailored activations for the class including accountability support and intuitive reading for hot seats.

  • Optional VIP Package to receive 1:1 call with me to open your intuitive gifts even further or work on specific prosperity blocks.
    • Classes commence from May 15 (8 AM – 9 AM PDT / 3 PM – 4 PM GMT)



I rarely offer sessions to my clients as my time is fully dedicated to my group classes. This is a one-time opportunity to work in 1:1 session which can set your healing work to the next level.

This session will be scheduled within 90 days of joining the Empowered Healers Program.

Have you noticed the bonuses alone worth more than the investment in the program? It is because I want to see you’re fully supported as an Empowered Healer of the New Paradigm.


More than $3500 worth of cutting-edge consciousness shifting


Yes, Tamra, I’m ready to get started today:  

$997 $697 ( Full Payment) or 3 payments of $255

Upgrade to VIP mentoring package for personalized guidance.  You will receive either 3 private calls with Tamra (30min) or 2 privates (30 min) with Tamra and one recorded interview which will be shared on Tamra’s platform and sent to you to post.

Join the Empowered Healers with VIP mentoring package:
$1747  $1447 (full payment)  or 3 payments of $530

Each month, there will be suggested readings, conversations, and accountability that while you won’t want to miss it, will be recorded so you’ll be able to view the session if you have had to be absent for any reason.

Additionally, all participants in this program will be in a forum that will allow ongoing support and encouragement as you continually transcend to their new level.

What My Past Clients Have To Say About Me



Is this for me if I’m new to healing or just for established practitioners?

Empowered Healers is both for new and seasoned practitioners of all creative and healing modalities.  This is also for entrepreneurs of all kind who wants to energetically upgrade their purpose and upgrade their prosperity, visibility, and self-expression mindset so they can create a massive impact on the planet.


Do I need to be a Sacred Activation Practitioner to join this program?

Not at all. If you’re using another modality or your own transformational coaching, you’re invited to join as this work is mainly focused on your higher purpose no matter what tools or techniques you use. Of course, If you want to know more about Sacred Activations or Akashic record training or medical intuitive class, please feel free to ask for more info.


Tamra, When do we start the journey? 

The first call will be on May 15th, 2019. Upon signing up today, you will receive bonuses instantaneously. So, you can start the transformation right away.


Is there 1:1 support from you?

Yes, all participants will receive a 30-min 1:1 session with me. ( I’ve never offered this before) and If you join through VIP mentorship, you will receive 3 additional 1:1 sessions throughout the program.

Plus during the group calls, we will have tons of Q/A time, accountability, and Intuitive reading.


When does the early-bird offer end?

The early bird offer ( $300 saving) ends on May 8th, 2019!


If I have a question about this program, how can I contact you?

You can email or join my free Fb group where you can ask your specific question.

Here’s What People are Saying About
Tamra Oviatt & Sacred Activations:

“Tamra Oviatt is a rare being. I call her a one-of-one because I truly haven’t known another like her. A unique Master capable of launching activations and teachings that cannot be denied nor checked off as another one of those, she is also a woman with a distinct knowing of all things Universe, deeply cares about peace on earth and carries within her a heart of gold right in the center of one heck of a wild, quirky unassuming personality. A rare, gifted being indeed” Maureen Moss

“Hi Tamra & Everyone,
I have recently become a Certified Sacred Activations Practitioner and I wanted to share with you one of my experiences with this work. Working with my daughter`s seizure the other day, even after the seizure she sometimes has continuing dizziness and headaches and I do healings on her and it takes sometimes 10 mins sometimes more than an hour for her to fully recover.This time I felt an urge to do activations on her and soon afterward she was feeling well. I am so thankful for this work and to Tamra Oviatt for introducing it to me.It is fast, effective and does wonders. I believe there is yet to experience more miracle healings with diseases which we once would have thought incurable through Sacred Activations. I would recommend everyone to be activated or even better become a practitioner. Your life is bound to change in the most amazing ways…” Hümeyra Gürel Tumay

Sacred Activations Practitioner

“I must say that Sacred Activations has changed my life dramatically. At first, I didn’t feel too much difference, but after a while, they started to kick in. I had emotional problems and some trauma in the past. After the activations, my mind is much more clear and I feel much more optimistic about life. Most of the negative thoughts I had before have simply vanished. Thank you, Tamra, for this beautiful gift you offer.” Doga Ozveren

“Since receiving Activations from Tamra, my husband, Dr. Richard Sag MD, and I have seen miraculous changes in our lives and the lives of our children.”

Dr. Joanne Sag

“Hi Tamra,

My life has really opened up after your Sacred Activations….
I have been busy with providing Divine Intuitive email readings for clients.

*Please know as I have always done intuitive readings for family & friends for free.

Now, since receiving your Sacred Activations & listening to them many times, just 2 days ago I started offering my services for readings and I am being paid for them now!

Thank you Thank you thank you!” Jolee K May