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Q&A Live Call
about the upcoming
Practitioner’s Training

JANUARY 13 | 8:00 AM PST

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8:00AM PST


How working for Sacred Activations
has made a huge difference in my team’s life

Deborah Butterfield

I have worked for Tamra at Sacred Activations for over 4 years now and to be honest I was sceptical about the modality when I first started. Living near Glastonbury, England I have witnessed many modalities come and go as well as personally trying multiple modalities that didn’t really do anything..

Part of my work for Tamra was to listen to replays and help with rewrites plus collect time stamp clips, but I did not fully integrate with the energy while doing this work.

It was not until I started to join webinars live with Tamra and specifically listen to recordings of individual activations that I noticed shifts and changes in my energy and relationships with my immediate family, like fog clearing away from my eyes and brain.

I was also introduced to one of my guides, that I never knew I had, during a meditation
where he set me on fire with pink and green flames all over my body and told me this was part of my ascension and preparation for 5D.

Then in 2020 I had two very scary panic attacks exactly 4 weeks apart, having never had anything with anxiety or panic before in my life. This experience showed me the Matrix, where everyone that was directly interacting with me were very unique human beings while everyone else in the background seemed to resemble people I had known within my life – old friends, work colleagues etc. Once the anxiety had been cleared, I felt so much lighter in my body and my intuition was working much stronger. In general, life had got much better.

I am very grateful to have been introduced to Tamra and this modality of Metaprogramming in the Human BioComputer because I can see the shifts in those around me as well as in myself. I believe that this is the best modality out there and that everyone should have at least one webinar experience to see the changes for themselves.

Success Stories of some Sacred Activations Practitioners/Teachers.

“I had a client who was two hours away from dying. He was in hospital and the doctor rang me and said, ‘Can you run on my patient?’ I simply ran three Activations, thinking that I was helping this person pass. I got a phone call in the morning from his wife saying that he’ll be going home next week.” 

Amanda, Sacred Activations Master Practitioner/Teacher

“I was a TV commercial model, an actress, and a singer. And had Bulimia, I had that pressure to be very pretty. When I got into Sacred Activations, I was able to release that food addiction. I was able to start loving myself because I had a tremendous self-loathing. When I became a practitioner, I won in a TV show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire. When I taught a Sacred Activations Level 1 class, a month after, I won a car. I feel so lucky everytime I take a class and teach a class.”

Maria Teresa, Sacred Activations Master Practitioner/Teacher


“I was playing one Activation called Be Your Own Healer and Tamra said, ‘Who says you can’t be your own healer?’ and all of a sudden, my face is crying…I have so many testimonies for Sacred Activations and how they’ve instantly shifted my life. So I started becoming a practitioner and did it through recordings. In the beginning, I felt it as a little bit of energy and then I listened to the rest, and my whole world shifted. It opened up my own psychic gifts, opened my abilities in reading and understanding the energies around us.” 

Sara, Sacred Activations Master Practitioner/Teacher

Q&A Live Call
about the upcoming
Practitioner’s Training

JANUARY 13 | 8:00 AM PST

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