Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love

12 Part Online Series with Tamra Oviatt


Have you ever wondered what life might be like if you didn’t feel burdened, stressed out, overwhelmed, or “broken?”

What would you say if I told you that we can use Sacred Activations to clear anything and everything that is holding you back from living your best life? This includes:

  • Traumas from this life and all other lives you may have lived/be living.
  • Outdated unconscious programs and belief systems.
  • Subconscious conditioning we have experienced throughout our lives.

In this 12 part series, you will be connecting to All That Is. We will let go of disease consciousness, lack and limitations, dying, aging, relationship toxicity, addiction, and anything else that you are plugged into that holds you apart from the oneness of All That Is.




You Will Learn:



  • What types of programmed belief systems there are in general so you may be aware of your clearing process.
  • How Sacred Activations helps you to unplug from your limiting programmed belief systems.
  • How to plug into Source Energy and unconditional love.
  • Clear past life traumas and pain through every incarnation.
  • Connect to your inner being, higher self, or oversoul.
  • Release feelings of separateness.
  • Connect to All That Is.
  • Expand yourself, thus expanding the world.



A Free Preview of Out of the Mind Matrix with Love

You Will Receive:


  • 12 weeks of video lessons and content:
    • Clearing Your Past Incarnations
    • Clearing Ages 0 to 7
    • Clearing Lack and Limitation Consciousness
    • Deactivate Mind Control Vibrations
    • Disconnect from Disease Consciousness
    • Deactivate Your Beliefs About Death and Aging
    • Walk-Ins and Releasing Demons
    • Higher Self and Sacred Geometry
    • Galactic Oversoul
    • Connect With All of Your Selves
    • God Head
  • 57 Sacred Activations ($1,140 value)
  • 7 Guided Meditations ($140 value)
  • Q & A, testimonials, and stories shared by clients and attendees about how Sacred Activations have positively impacted their lives.
  • Support from a beautiful online community where you can share stories, interact, and connect with our tribe.


  • Sacred Activations Included ($1,140 value):
    • Releasing Belief Systems from Every Incarnation (week 1)
    • Plugging into Unconditional Love (week 1)
    • Christ Consciousness Awareness (week 2)
    • Flower of Life Activation (week 2)
    • DNA Weave of Happiness, Joy, and Oneness (week 2)
    • Clearing Lack and Limitation (week 3)
    • Family Constellations Activation (week 3)
    • Caste System Family (week 3)
    • Poppy Syndrome Activation (week 3)
    • Fruit of Life Activation (week 3)
    • Family Constellations Activation (week 4)
    • Caste System Family (week 4)
    • Inner Child Reconnection Activation (week 4)
    • Release Separation, Anger, Resentment, Judgment, Fear, and Hatred (week 4)
    • Unplug from the Vibration of Separateness, Anger, and War Consciousness (week 4)
    • Disconnect from Disease Consciousness (week 5)
    • Disconnect from Disease Programming (week 5)
    • Disconnect from Food Programming (week 5)
    • Disconnect from Addictions (week 5)
    • Clearing Past & Future Lives, DNA, and Collective Beliefs (week 6)
    • Humans Are Fucking Stupid, Get Me the Hell Out of Here (week 6)
    • The Sky is Falling (week 6)
    • The Book of the Dead (week 6)
    • Moses Code Activation (week 6)
    • Age Reversal Activation (week 6)
    • Collagen Activation (week 6)
    • Telomeres and Stem Cells (week 6)
    • Cell Snap (week 6)
    • Upgrade Your Life Force (week 6)
    • Black Magic & Voodoo Energy Clearing (week 7)
    • Energetic Attachments Clearing (week 7)
    • Get Your Keys Back (week 7)
    • Black Magic Puppet Master (week 7)
    • World Heart Chakra (week 7)
    • Prison Planet (week 7)
    • Lord Metatron Activation (week 8)
    • Moses Codes (week 8)
    • Avebury-Stonehenge (week 8)
    • God Head Activation (week 8)
    • Seed of Life (week 8)
    • Christ Consciousness Awareness (week 8)
    • Alchemy of the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Dimensions (week 9)
    • Flower of Life Activation (week 9)
    • Tree of Life Activation (week 9)
    • Avebury-Stonehenge Activation (week 9)
    • Connect to Your Oversoul Activation (week 9)
    • Galactic Oversoul Activation (week 9)
    • Starseed Activation (week 10)
    • Star Gate Activation (week 10)
    • Galactic Federation (week 10)
    • Unmasked Emotions (week 10)
    • Connect to Your Universal Oversoul (week 10)
    • Separation of Oneself (week 11)
    • Soul Fragments (week 11)
    • Universal Life Grid Activation (week 11)
    • God Head Activation (week 12)
    • Eye of God Activation (week 12)


  • Guided Meditations Included ($140 value):
    • DNA Weave of Unconditional Love
    • Release and Clear Remaining Traumas
    • Connect with All Aspects of Yourself
    • Connect with Your Higher Self & the Akashik Records
    • Connect to Your Universal Oversoul
    • Connect with Your Doppelganger
    • Eye of God Integration



Are you ready to heal yourself and connect with the unconditional love of Source energy? Join us for this amazing 12 week program of discovery, soul growth, and amazing healing!


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“The shifts in my life have been amazing.  I am excited with all the possibilities that your classes teach to be able to help so many people.  You are truly a blessing! Thank you for everything.”
Melinda Q.

Getting Out of the
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