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A Meditative and Reflective Journey Into the Subconscious




with Sacred Activations

An Immersive And Highly- Transformative 2-Day Online Practitioner Course

Offered by  Sacred Activations Founder Tamra Oviatt

Powered by Source God Energy

APRIL 6 & 7, 2024 I 8:00 AM PST

Live Online

April 6-7

8:00 AM PST


This CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER TRAINING is offered to help your clients deepen their self-awareness and self-understanding by deep diving into their psyche to access their “past life” and “before life” memories and experiences. 

This will help reveal the patterns, beliefs, motives, and decisions that have shaped their present lives. This training aims to resolve inner conflicts and develop a stronger sense of self for your clients.

A Personal Invitation from Tamra

Watch the video to understand more about this new class.

SPECIAL NOTE: This training is OPEN TO ALL SACRED ACTIVATIONS PRACTITIONERS who have completed Practitioner Level 1 Training or above, as this involves fully using the sacred energies throughout the whole session.

What to expect from this training

Exploring the soul experiences between incarnations on Earth. This is often referred to as “life between lives.”

  • Discover connections to specific soul groups (souls that incarnate together to learn from and support each other).
  • Discover contracts and agreements with other souls before incarnating. 
  • Get a glimpse of the review and planning sessions with spiritual guides and council of elders who assists in reviewing past lives and planning future ones.
  • Gain insights into the soul’s goals and lessons, choice of life circumstances, and areas of development.
  • Reduce the fear of death and anxiety about dying as your client starts to view death not as an end, but as a transition to another state of being.

Exploring different past lifetimes to understand current challenges and relationships.  

  • Reveal root causes of recurring patterns, habits, and situations.  
  • Discover the lessons that the soul carries forward from one life to another.
  • Understand and dismantle irrational fears and phobias.
  • Gain insights into relationship dynamics and heal relationship traumas. 

Projecting consciousness forward to explore possible future lives to provide more clarity and motivation on a soul’s long-term goals and objectives. 

  • See potential future selves and future personal accomplishments. 
  • Guide your clients in setting more aligned and meaningful life goals. 
  • Reduce fears and anxieties about the unknown and the future. 
  • Instill a sense of hope and optimism to move forward.

NOTE that throughout this meditative process, you will be running Sacred Activation to help your clients go deep into Theta Brainwaves. Running the energy will also open their intuitive channel, so it’s easier for them to receive insights and information. This is going to be much more impactful.

How is this training beneficial to your clients

Tamra offers this training to give you another tool to help your clients explore themselves from a new higher perspective by taking them into a deep meditative state. 

The process from this training will help your clients:

  • DEEPEN their self-awareness. 
  • UNCOVER their subconscious patterns.
  • CLARIFY their purpose, values and beliefs. 
  • ENHANCE their emotional intelligence. 
  • RESOLVE their inner conflicts.
  • HEAL emotional wounds and traumas. 
  • STRENGTHEN their relationship with self and others. 
  • REDUCE their fear of death and anxiety of the future. 
  • INCREASE appreciation for life. 
  • ACCELERATE their spiritual growth.

About This Training

Life Review & Past Life Regression Hypnosis is a powerful process you can integrate into your healing sessions. It’s another level of Sacred Activations you can add to your healing toolbox to help and empower both your clients and yourself.

At its core, Life Review & Past Life Regression Hypnosis is a form of Guided Meditation, where Sacred Activations energy runs throughout the entire session to facilitate a meditative journey, enter into a Theta Brainwave state of mind, and receive insights about past life and before life memories and experiences. 

You can use this process alongside other Sacred Activations techniques whenever it suits your clients’ needs or when you’re intuitively guided to do so.

What you’ll receive when you join this training

Lifetime access to the video replays, which will be added directly to your dashboard, so you can re-watch and have a completely different experience.

A training certificate of completion that verifies your competency to facilitate Past Life Regression and Near-Death Experience healing sessions using Sacred Activations.

A training manual that includes the teachings, channeled information, and process: this serves as your guide when you practice what you’ve learned from the class.

Opportunity to join ONE other Hypnosis Life Review & Past Life Regression Practitioner’s Training in the future FOR FREE to spark whole new levels of understanding and consciousness shifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

ABSOLUTELY. Sacred Energy transcends time and space. The replay is as powerful and potent as the live session. The energies are being embedded for each recording. The results you’ll get from attending the live training are the same results when you watch it through the recordings. 

If you have an open mind, an interest for self-expansion and personal growth, and a desire to heal (or to help others heal), this practitioner course is for you. You don’t have to be intuitive to join this course, because receiving the Sacred Geometry Activations during the 2-day training will already help you develop your intuitive abilities. Plus, you’re encouraged to practice with your fellow practitioners until you’re confident with your capabilities to work with Sacred Activations. 

Every practitioner’s course offered by Tamra is different from the previous ones. New information, teachings, and processes might be taught. As this is a channeled live training, we can’t completely tell you 100% of what will happen until it is over. What we can tell you, however,  is that this is MORE THAN what it promises. 

YES. After taking this course, your life will never be the same again. This is not only about teaching you how to run the Activations on yourself and others to reprogram the subconscious mind. This is more about receiving and activating the codes and energy frequencies within your awareness, which allow you to access deeper understanding, untapped potential, and higher level of consciousness, and this in turn will bring magnificent results and shifts in your life. 

Sacred Activations Practitioner's Course

When you purchase a Sacred Activations training course, you always get the recording of the previous training, get access to the current LIVE training, and automatic access to the next LIVE training for free (you’ll get 3 classes for the price of one class). After this, if you wish to join the class again, you’ll get a 50% OFF the regular price.

Life Review & Past Life Regression Hypnosis


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