Mastering the Masters

Next Class Jan 25-26, 2020. Attend Online, Or In Person (location St. Augustine, Florida). Contact Us For Adress If Attending In Person!
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Spend time with the Ascended Masters, experiencing their powerful energy and clear the remaining blockages blocking your true potential from shining through.

About Mastering the Masters

Receive and master 50 new activations, and perform group healing sessions without becoming negatively affected by the energy and ailments of the subjects. Categorize activations in groups to focus on problem areas for a client, and shift them from the third dimension to the fifth dimension – the dimension of spirit and eternal consciousness.


  • Master 50 new Activations
  • Learn how to use the Sacred Energy to clear emotions and negative energies from the body.
    This beautiful energy clears out genetics, collective consciousness, past lives and core beliefs.
  • Activate sacred geometry in the body.
  • Learn about the third-dimensional belief systems of fear, suffering, and lack which are undermining our planet.
  • Learn how to clear out limiting beliefs and energies.
  • Learn about the Fifth Dimension and how to clear out limiting beliefs and energies and how to connect to energies of unconditional love and abundance.
  • Become a licensed Sacred Activations practitioner, permitted to work one-on-one with a client via the internet, phone or in person.
  • When you sign up and pay for a training you automatically receive the replay links to the last training so you can get started immediately and join into a training at your convenience LIVE

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We hold classes twice a year. Please join us!

Mastering the Masters

Jan 25-26, 2020
8 AM PT – 2 PM PT


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