Medical Intuitive Practitioner

Next Class will take place: Dec 7-8 @ 8:00 am – 2:00 pm PST. Attend Online, Or In Person (location St. Augustine, Florida). Contact Us For Address If Attending In Person!
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Join us for four days of live training to become a certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner. You are entitled to attend all future training sessions for free, watch a replay of any previous session and can treat others with the activations received.

About Medical Intuitive

Tap into Universal Energy and work with the Masters to provide advanced healing to the body.

What’s Included:

  • Esoteric Energetics: A form of energy healing which works with the body in a natural and non-invasive way. Clear negative energy to help the body heal itself
  • Organ Rejuvenation: Focus on the muscles, skin and blood to clear out negative emotions and trauma leading to natural rejuvenation for a healthier life
  • Hands-on Healing: Learn to understand how the human energy field functions, how it can be disturbed disturbed, and guidelines for healing yourself and others
  • Sacred Activations: A minimum of 20 Activations shared during the class


  • Learn more about the organs of the body and their function for optimal health
  • Understand the Belief Systems that are affecting the health of yourself and humanity
  • Master the Sacred Activations that align the body and restore health
  • Understand the maps on Esoteric Energy Points and how to align the bodies energy points for optimal health
  • Work with the organs of the body to optimize their function
  • Work with the sacred energies to stimulate energetic points throughout the body
  • Help heal the human body using knowledge of the collective consciousness belief systems, organs and energetic points throughout your body affecting an individual’s well-being
  • Use your hands for hands-on healing in person or at a distance (anywhere in the world)

Receive the Activation Connect With Your Abundant Desires for a sample of what will be included in this amazing training!

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We hold classes twice a year. Please join us!

Medical Intuitive Training

Dec 7-8, and TBD 2019
8 AM PT – 2 PM PT

A Peek into Medical Intuitive Training


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