Messages from the Masters

Messages from the Masters – FREE 12 Week Series beginning October 31, 2017 at 9 AM PDT!

This is an amazing 12 week series and Tamra will be channeling different Masters each week. Tamra will also be inviting special guests. You will be able to be on live Zoom video conferencing. Sign up on the website. Get on the list to be live on the call, so that you are able to interact. This is an opportunity to ask Tamra questions live and she will be running Sacred Activations. Right here, right now.

These are messages for YOU from the Masters.

Each week Tamra will share messages from the various Masters on how to live in the love of God and transforming our world to heaven on Earth. Join in, and receive energy upgrades weekly, transforming your life and that of all you care about.

Join us on these incredible calls, live on FaceBook, YouTube and Zoom! Replays will be available on the website after the show for those who miss it.

Right here, right now, this incredible magical energy is here to transform YOUR life.

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