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Amanda Erskine –
Address: 23 Kainlani Way, Sandford, Tasmania Australia
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(Level 2) Master Practitioner Training
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I’m a healer qualified in different modalities with over 30 years experience. I’m also a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner.
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Sounds cliché but I knew I was different when I was a child. By the time I was eight years old I had already seen spirits, I could feel the energy of my family members even when they lived suburbs away and I could feel the energy of plants when I talked to them.
My family was not particularly religious, I remember going to church and Sunday school but I don’t remember being taught to pray. I would slide down under my blankets and pray before going to sleep.
I have been reading and healing others for over 30 years. I hold certifications in a number of healing modalities.

I was introduced to Tamra Oviatt’s Sacred Activations over 2 years ago. Sacred Activations uses Sacred Geometry to release old patterns from your body, from your genetics, from your past lives. There isn’t another modality like it on the planet at this time. Other modalities are also able to shift old patterns effectively and are also life changing however, Sacred Activations shifted me very quickly, 100’s of old patterns were released in one session.

I had a trauma filled childhood. I experienced repetitive trauma as a young child and then later as a teenager. This trauma affected every waking moment for many years and I was later diagnosed with C-PTSD. I had done a lot of healing over the years but would still experience flashbacks occasionally and find myself behaving irrationally at times.

Over twelve months ago I had two Sacred Activations Healing sessions with Tamra focussing on moving the trauma. I don’t have flashbacks anymore. I’m no longer a nervous wreck in public situations. Even when I try to remember there’s no trauma to go back to. I know stuff happened to me but there are no longer any triggers. This has been a big miracle in my life.

I can do this for you.

I experience miracles every day. I have watched clients completely change their lives and become happier and healthier. I have watched clients who had serious financial difficulty change it suddenly within days of a healing session. I have seen healings happen for entire families.

I’m a qualified teacher and I’m also a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist and Herbalist. In my other work as a Nutritionist I help children with cerebral palsy and chronic illness. Sacred Activations can quickly shift blocks to health and wellness and financial freedom. I offer online through a number of different platforms and face to face.

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+62 0417727065
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