Private Sessions With Tamra Oviatt

Work with Tamra privately

Transform your life today!


Private Sessions with Tamra gives you a thorough understanding of your personal relations and your environment, these power sessions will help you identify significant patterns in your life and defining your strengths and abilities. These power sessions will work with your energy and shift your unneeded beliefs, you will notice changes within weeks, even months. Your experiences will be explored to help discover new insights, and a clear outlook on your alternatives for determining your current situation, erase the unneeded and make your dreams your reality today.

Private Sessions Give You The Option To:

✺ Talk exclusively with Tamra

✺ Sessions are interactive

✺ Flexible scheduling

✺ Work on whatever you desire to change

✺ Opportunity to meet Tamra and work together in person

Work With Tamra Privately

Change Your Life!

Key Benefits Of Tamra’s

Private Sessions:

 ✺ Tamra will run 6-10 activations

 ✺ Change unneeded belief systems

 ✺ Gain Clarity In Your Purpose

 ✺ Achieve your health goals

 ✺ Grow Your Business & Career

 ✺ Learn To Attract Wealth & Fortune

 ✺ Have Better Relationships

 ✺ Become A Skilled Healer

 ✺ Increase Your Intuition

Private Sessions Available Options:

  1. One session for $225, or Three for $600, Continue to work with your energy and shift your beliefs one-on-one with Tamra.
  2. A 3-month package for $1750, 12 sessions once a week, Learn to shift and grow over a three month period.
  3. A 2-day package for $2500, with this weekend program you will spend two full days with Tamra, Fly out and meet Tamra in person, and stay in a prepaid 4-5 star hotel for one night in Redondo Beach, California. You will be able to shift your life within one weekend with this exclusive package.