Addiction Redirection Webinar


Live Zoom Session with Tamra Oviatt
28th July, 2019 8 AM PST

5 Activations including

  • Addiction to Drama
  • Addiction to Drugs
  • Addiction to Self-hatred
  • Plus One New Guided Meditation

Replays (Audio & Video Files) Available 48 hours after the Webinar!

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Addiction has its own place in our world. Often we think it’s a source of fun! We find the thing we are addicted to comforting and nurturing. We can really get addicted to plenty of stuff including drugs, food, drama, porn, sex, self-harm, and what not! First, we get attracted to it, then we use or experience it, and then we keep repeating the behaviour to the extent of abuse. We find that the stuff of our addiction helps us escape different things or feelings. Thus, we probably end up making them a part of our defence-mechanism. However, addictions, if left unchecked, can change you as a person. It can ruin lives, ruin your health, your relationships, your career, your dreams and throw you into a vicious cycle of depression and guilt. Sometimes we do not even realize that we have an addiction until it’s too hard to fight back already. Slowly but surely, your addiction starts to control you instead of you controlling your life!

In this Webinar, Tamra is going to run activations that will help you redirect your addictions so that you can live in the flow and enjoy life. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a couple of drinks as long as you know you are in control. Imagine being in a state of mind when you can enjoy something without being addicted to it. How about if you could get the same feelings from the flow or the life-force? Tamra is offering you 5 activations and one guided mediattion that you can use daily to stay in control. Maybe you do not have an addiction just yet but are you sure you are not on your way to pick up one soon? It doesn’t need to be drugs or something that obvious, it could just be a very subtle pattern of behavior, or the sugar you take with your coffee, or even that chocolate cake on your table!

Don’t miss the chance! As you may already know, the items featured in this webinar are going to cost $20 dollars each pretty soon after the webinar!


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