Alchemy of the 6th & 7th Dimension

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Activate your vibrations and go into the other dimention much easier. Youll be able to connect ith the laws of the universe, we will be working with three laws, one of time, truth, and abundance.

Two guided meditations plus the activation 

Class wil take place: June 2, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am PST


Get these two powerful sessions with 6 Audio & Video downloadable activations & meditations:

Alchemy of the 6th Dimension

  1. Video/Audio:  Alchemy of the 6th Dimension
  2. Video/Audio:  Into the Akashic Records
  3. Video/Audio:  Laws of the Universe

Alchemy of the 7th Dimension

  1. Video/Audio: Alchemy of the 7th Dimension
  2. Video/Audio: Talking to your higher self
  3. Video/Audio:  Your Future Life Meditation

Connect with the laws of the Universe.  You will be working with time, truth and abundance.  After using this meditation for a while you will be able to do this on your own anytime you desire.

As well, I will be doing a guided meditation on bringing you into the akashic records giving you the opportunity to talk to the masters and get answers.

Practice using these guided meditations and you will be able to connect all by yourself without the guided meditations.

Are you ready to be able to talk to your higher self?  To get true and unfiltered advice?

There will be an activation to activate and integrate these energies.

There will also to two guided meditations to go along with this, one to ask your higher self-questions and 2 to ask your future self-question and ask for guides on how you change what you needed to change or what you need to change to change our future.

You will recieve:

  • Two guided meditations, one going into the akashic records and one going into the law of the universe.
  • Activations Alchemy of the sixth dimension.



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