Clearing Your Genome: Heart Disease


Live webinar Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 9 AM PDT (Time Zone Converter)
Replays to be made available after!


Our genetics influence our risks from conditions such as heart disease. The impact of these diseases can be devastating for anyone involved, and their families! I am offering a webinar this weekend to release buried traumas, belief systems, past and present life processes and mindsets which can increase our risk of experiencing complications and issues relating to heart disease*.

Important: This webinar will not include separate activation files. Both the audio and video webinar files will be made available for download, and allows me to channel the activations in a fluid manner, providing more activations in a single webinar.

However, the audience is encouraged to ask questions through the webinar chat, and will be able to converse vocally with Tamra to discuss concerns, questions or other issues on their mind involving their health, as well as make requests for activations.

Activations to be done during the webinar (but not limited to):

  • Release Heart Disease from Chromosome 9
  • Disconnect from Disease Consciousness
  • Sickness Serves Me
  • Release Self-Hate, Judgement and Resentment
  • I Am Loved
  • Releasing Anger & Resentment
  • Balancing Heart Rhythms
  • Blood Pressure
  • and more!

More information about how genetics influences our well-being in regards to heart disease:
Miracles in clearing heart disease:

*Sacred Activations does not guarantee any outcomes and is not a replacement for a medical professional. If you have any medical concerns or ongoing treatment, please continue to see your regular doctor.


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