Combining the Magic with the Power


Very powerful activations in one package!

6 Activations, namely

  • Is your Ego your Amigo Activation
  • Yin and Yang Activation
  • Combining the Magic with the Power Activation
  • Healthy Boundaries Activation
  • Bleeding Heart Activation
  • Talk to your Unicorn Guided Meditation

7 Videos | 7 Audios

65:48 Minutes of Content



Part 1 – “Is Your Ego your Amigo?” and “Yin and Yang” Activations

Separation programs of the Ego that do NOT work for You or the Planet- yet we all talk about Oneness. We have to start with ourselves.. Divine male energy and divine female energy – the love affair within us.  It’s about integration, oneness, working together and becoming whole.

Part 2  – “Is your Ego your Amigo?” Activation

What are you mad at your Ego for? Are you not enough? Are you too cool?  Those belief systems need to go – it’s all about Balance. Clearing out whatever is in the way and integrate the information. Be thankful for those thought patterns while at the same time letting them go and erasing them.

Part 3 – “Yin and Yang” Activation

Balancing of the yin and the yang, male and female or divine male energy and divine female energy, however you name those halves of yourself – Working to bring balance to those two sides of you, to work together harmoniously.

Part 4 – “Combining the Magic with the Power” Activation

The feminine energy is always imprisoned, while the masculine energy is allowed to be free…..The illusion is part of the control matrix. The control is being unveiled and we are coming into our power, abundance, oneness and acceptance. Unleashing the magic of the Unicorn, the divine feminine energy and combining it with the power of the Lion. Women are the creators, right brain thinkers – we are more focused and we create from the womb. You can be unchained!

Part 5 – “Healthy Boundaries” Activation

Where do you have unhealthy boundaries? Are you being taken an advantage of?

It’s really important to have healthy boundaries in place – taking care of yourself, honouring and respecting yourself. It will serve you very well to have these energies in place.

Part 6 – “Bleeding Heart” Activation

You can’t save the world – You diminish and scatter your energy and then you cannot be of any service. Working on everyone else?  They are just a mirror of you. What you see out there, and what you are trying to save out there is really what you are trying to save inside.

Part 7 – “Talk to your Unicorn” Guided Meditation

Activating the magic of your unicorn horn and activating the power and magic of the Unicorns themselves.. – Ask your unicorns what their names are. Activating the Genes of knowledge, the energy of love, acceptance and guidance. Remember you are a multi-dimensional being.


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