Complete Akashic Records Training (FULL 4 COURSES + 3 Monthly Payments)

$876.00 / month for 3 months

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Course 1 – October 1 & 2 @ 7AM Pacific
Course 2 – October 3 & 4 @ 7AM Pacific
Course 3 – October 6 & 7 @ 7AM Pacific
Course 4 – TBD



The Akashic Records or Book of Life are the recorded history of everything in existence in every timeline and dimension. They have been referred to in every spiritual book and used by prophets, kings, and spiritual advisors.

These courses are all interactive, so you will have the opportunity to do several practice sessions to help you get better and better at working with the energies in the Akashic records.

In Tamra’s Akashic Records training, you will learn:
How to ignite your energy healing capacity and connection with your soul.
How to tap into your hidden gifts and abilities and practice using them.
How to communicate with your Angels and Masters.
How to communicate with deceased loved ones.
How to release and clear past life karma and energetic attachments.
How to disconnect from outdated belief systems and let go of associated issues.
How to ask and answer questions for yourself and your clients.
How to access other dimensions and planes of existence.
How to perform healing in the Akashic records for you and your clients.
How to access your connection to infinite wisdom.
All Sacred Activation Akashic Record classes are interactive, which means you will be paired with other attendees in the class to practice what you are learning throughout the course. You will learn everything you need to know in order to begin offering healing to clients.

There are 4 Courses Included in this Robust and Powerful Training:

Classic Akashic Practitioner Training (Days 1 & 2) ($597 investment)
Get an introductory understanding of the Akashic Records and how to access them for yourself and others. Classic Akashic Practitioner Training is designed to give you all of the information and tools you need to get started with working in the Akashic Records.

Master Akashic Records Training (Days 3 & 4) ($597 investment)
Master Level Akashic Records Training helps you to connect with the Akashic Records on a whole new level. You will be able to talk to your deceased loved ones, access help and guidance from your masters and spirit guides, and develop your unique, special gifts. You will also be learning how to do psychic surgery.

Galactic Akashic Records Training (Days 5 & 6) ($597 investment)
This training allows you to read and connect on the galactic level – you will learn how to read other people’s records and open up a whole new level of the Akashic records. See what other planets you’ve lived on, connect with other beings on other planets, make changes to your past and future lives, and much more. Sacred Activations included: Star Gate, Illumination, Star Seed, and Galactic Federation.

Sacred Blueprint & Past Life Overlay/Re-Print (Days 7 & 8) ($597 investment) – NEW
We will lay out a pattern for things you desire and want to create in your life and install this into your DNA as well as the grid system of the planet, and we’ll be plugging you into that. It’s like receiving 100 Activations in a day, so hang on! How to jump timelines by healing past life experiences. This is a BRAND NEW training that we’ve never offered before, so you will be the first to experience this!Flower of Life Activation

Tap into your hidden gifts and abilities

When You Sign Up, You Will Immediately Receive:

Recordings of the last trainings available. ($1,191 value)

7 Sacred Activations. ($140 value)
The course manual so you can start the Akashic Records Readings and Healings right away. ($50 value)
Join in on a live training (in person or online) and attend as many times as you would like. (priceless!)
You will also receive bonus content and Sacred Activations as well as interactive practice to expand your ability to connect to the Akashic Records.

To start the Akashic Records Trainings, you will receive these 6 Sacred Activations that will help you to connect and do this work more effectively:

Alchemy of the 3rd Dimension ($20 value)
This Activation allows you to release all the third dimensional belief systems in the control of the third dimension. This Activation should only be done after you’ve done the first 12 activations, since doing this one before any of the other ones can be overwhelming, and you will not feel nor receive any benefit from it. This Activation plugs you into the Christ Consciousness of the 5th dimension.

Alchemy of the 4th Dimension ($20 value)
This Activation frees you of any fears associated with operating in the fourth dimension, and clears emotions and belief systems which may hold back your progress. These energies collapse the veil between the third and fourth dimension, thus releasing us from the belief that we are unable to communicate with our ancestors and others who have passed on, and now occupy the fourth dimension. These energies also provide you the opportunity to create positive relationships with those whom you wish to communicate with.

Alchemy of the 5th Dimension ($20 value)
This Activation frees you of any fears associated with operating in the fifth dimension, and clears emotions and belief systems which may hold back your progress considerably. These energies collapse the veil between the fourth and fifth dimension, thus releasing us from the belief that we are unable to communicate with our spirits, guides, ancestors, and our higher dimensional aspects.

Star Gate ($20 value)
This Activation allows you to move through worlds, solar systems, and universes very quickly and easily. There is much power and freedom that comes with this Activation. This Activation should only be done after the first 24 Activations and Alchemy of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Dimensions as all of these prior Activations will align you to being more in unconditional love and in your power. This will allow you to actually benefit from this Activation. After receiving this Activation, Tamra brings you through a portal and takes you into dimensions 7 through 12.

Illuminations ($20 value)
This Activation will give you a better and stronger connection to the Akashic Records, in the form of a guided meditation and an Activation. You will receive codes directly from Jesus to remember and connect with your Akashic Records.

Star Seed ($20 value)
This Activation raises your energy to a level where you can talk to our brothers and sisters from other worlds. This Activation removes your fears, allowing you to communicate with them while knowing that you are safe.

Galactic Federation ($20 value)
This Activation brings you into alignment with our Galactic Family (GF). It aligns you in such a way that you’re able to co-create with the GF and be an active participant in Gaia’s changes during this historical time.

You can download the past recordings and manual from the most recent training, but you will also get the recordings of these live trainings after you attend so you can repeat this work as often as you need to. Signing up early means you will have all of the materials you need to do this training in advance.

There Are 4 Weekends of Training Total.

If you’re ready to connect with your highest guidance at will, this training is for you.

Prerequisite: The first three (3) Sacred Activations: The Lord Metatron, Avebury-Stonehenge, and Moses Code Activations, available for free at

Here’s What People are Saying About Tamra Oviatt & Sacred Activations:

“Sacred Activations made an entirely different person out of me! I am more loving and accepting of others, but most especially TO MYSELF. I was able to rid myself of an eating disorder that I battled with for more than 20 years. I am more grounded, secure and centered in myself, more relaxed and at ease with my truth, knowing that I am always evolving, a work in progress, and all will be well.”

–Maria Teresa Garcia
Sacred Activations Philippines

“Taking the Sacred Activations Practitioner training has had a profound impact in my life, healing and transforming everything in so many beautiful ways. So grateful to Tamara Oviatt and the Sacred Activations community.”

–Lisa Gray

“Hi! My name is Dawn and I have been with Sacred Activations for 18 months now. Never, with any energy healing modality, have I seen so many positive shifts take place so FAST! My life has changed for the better so much since taking the Practitioner and Masters classes, and more recently I’ve become a certified Teacher for this wonderful modality. I love that when I work on my own beliefs I’m not just working on myself, but all of humanity too, and my mission now is to help as many people as possible shift and heal quickly and create exactly what they desire in their lives. Tamra has been a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend, and I thank her so much for bringing this to the world. Love you my friend.”

–Dawn Christie Livingstone

“I started Sacred Activations back in 2012. I have changed and shifted so much throughout that time, working on myself and taking all the classes and now most recently the Teachers training. I love what Sacred Activations has done for me and for the world, making it a better and more loving place. Looking forward to even more new Activations as time goes on. Thank you to Tamra for bringing through this wonderful modality.”

–Jolie Joy Hassan

“I love Tamra and her Activations and play them daily, whether in the background or actively. I am happier, more joyful, energetic, peaceful, and have created my own sacred home. My dream is to be a practitioner. This is a painless process that my mind does not fight and my soul embraces. Thank you, Tamra.”


“I’ve felt profound energetic shifts when using some of the Activations over the last few years, which have contributed to the accelerated healing I’ve been experiencing. Thank you, Tamra, for sharing these with the world.”


There Are 4 Weekends of Training Total.


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