Conscious Creation (Monthly Membership)

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  • Monthly Membership

  • 3 Webinars Every Month

  • Access to Previously Recorded Webinars

  • Enhanced with Energy from the 5th Dimension

  • Replays Available (After 48 – 72 Hours)

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Welcome to Conscious Creation Monthly Membership. Previously, I did a 12-week series called Out of the Mind Matrix, where we shifted tons of energies. As a matter of fact, it completely and totally shifted my life, and I’m so thankful for it. I was so stuck in the Western culture that defined what I’m supposed to have, what I’m supposed to be, and where I’m supposed to live… and then I walked away from all of that. I’ve never been happier.  And I want to share that experience with you every month!

So to continue this theme, I created my Conscious Creation monthly membership, which is going to be all about vibrational upgrades to live in 5D. I was traveling in Mexico to all of these sacred sites in these energies, and receiving these new energies and vibrations and now I’m bringing them to you. So what I receive every month, you will also receive, so that you’ll keep lifting your vibration up, lifting it up more and more to let love, peace, joy, and happiness flow in your life. With this you’ll be able to let go of all the worry, all the stress, all the anger, and just be in the flow and be in love with life. Again, this membership is monthly and you will receive THREE ALL NEW webinars a month.

These are webinars that clear the lower energies that will help support this raised vibration that I’m bringing in. You know, you can receive all the higher vibrational activations you want from anybody and everybody, and they’re not going to hold unless you clear the gunk out. So these lower energy clearing webinars will help you clear out your own gunk.

There are also over 300 deactivations and activations on the website to help you do this. And then every month we’re going to keep raising this vibration to a higher and higher level.

Every month, Tamra will take you on a journey; a journey to free your mind from the matrix, the illusive reality that it is programmed to create around you. It’s a long road and you get your supplies on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Not only that, as an added bonus you get access to two other webinars each month.

The Conscious Creation monthly masterclasses are normally $125 dollars each, and the monthly extra webinars regularly cost $75. So normally this monthly membership would cost you $275 dollars per month, but you can get it for just $67/mo!

I look forward to seeing you there. Thank you for being part of this powerful journey!


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