Conscious Creation August 2019 | Session 1 with Bonus

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  • Replays from Session 1 (August 28, 2019) of the
    Conscious Creation Program
  • Replays from the Self-Love Webinar
  • Replays from the Black Magic Puppet Master Webinar

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Get access to the replays from Session 1 of Conscious Creation. The live Zoom session took place on August 28, 2019 and by buying this product you can access the replays. You also get access to the replays from the Self-Love Webinar and the Black Magic Puppet Master Webinar when you purchase this product.

Here’s what a few of the attendees had to say about the class after it ended:

I love the class as the energy was very powerful. I do like when we have a start and an end to the activations as it lets me know what we are working on. Regardless I found the class very powerful and it been opening me up to where I do not believe in the magic of the universe. Thank you”
— Bianca

“Oh My Gosh!! Woohoo! Yes yes yes. Found myself deep in High Energy
Was spinning and enjoying the feeling while receiving clearings and then downloads. Thank you Tamra for signing on to this path and sharing your gifts with us Much love to you and your team. Truly grateful.”
— Brenda

“It was a powerful beginning of empowerment into going beyond what we thought was possible because of our 3D Matrix programming… de programming and reprograming ourselves back to innocense and knowing we are God and have powers beyond what we can conceive at this time ..we worked on it as a group and for humanity to LIFT the planet and ourselves into the 5D of infinite possibilities.”
— Suzanne

Click here for the part-by-part summary of what happened in the class.


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