Death and Taxes

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Death and Taxes.  How many times have you heard nothing is for certain except death and taxes?

I have witnessed many people having the belief that if they make more money, then they will have to give it to the government. A lot of different things can keep us from making the money we deserve to make and this is one of them.

In this Activation, we disconnect from the collective conciseness, genetic and past life. Let’s not let a silly belief keep us from making good money. The more money you make the more write-offs you have and, yes, the more money you pay in taxes– but you have more money and the more money you make the less it bothers you to pay taxes. Think of it as helping your country, the roads, the schools, it all a good thing to pay more in taxes. Because that means you make more money!!


This activation is about the limits you put on yourself regarding your ability to make money.


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