Debt Webinar

$120.00 $25.00


For this webinar, it’s a good idea to get yourself a notebook so you can journal as you go through.

Are you constantly in debt and want to be debt free? Is it a constant feeling that you can’t seem to get out of debt no matter what you do? Tamra will be working on clearing that and will be activating your Money Gene, The Seed of Life Activation, clearing you from all that negative debt energy, plus helping you manifest your desires much quicker.

The webinar will include many new and updated Sacred Activations:

  • Death and Taxes
  • The Seed of Life
  • Debt Release
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Rich People Suck and Money is Evil
  • Time is Money

She will clearing this, as well as clearing the collective consciousness programming for your town, your country, your family history, which may keep you locked in debt. You will receive at least 6 activations, and so much more!


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