Disease Consciousness Masterclass | Conscious Creation Session 7 | Feb 2020


Collapse all the subconscious belief systems linked to viruses, bacterias, diseases, fungus, candida, cancer, etc. 

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Class Description

Video 1 

“You are Not going to die unless you are supposed to”  Free De-activation.

Master Class number 7 (of 12), Total collapsing of the disease consciousness.  With this de-activation Tamra starts with the corona virus. Let go of the fear because it is a programme. When you plug into the programme you can receive that programme so don’t plug into it. Go inside and let source energy do the work of clearing this out of the collective consciousness


Video 2

Conscious Creation Class 7/12.

This class is about collapsing all the belief systems around disease. Any diseases or problems we have in our bodies is by the belief systems we have, that create everything.. All of ourselves can regenerate and recreate. The only thing stopping it is allowing ourselves to do that.  Why do we have to run those programs?  Throughout this class Tamra runs a wide range of over 40 Activations and De-Activations that include, but are not limited to, the subject of bringing in source energy to heal yourself and let go of sub conscious programming.

Some of the Activations and De-Activations included are;


  • Christ Consciousness
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Mother Mary
  • Fruits of Life
  • Tree of Life
  • God Speed
  • The God Code
  • Hatred and Anger
  • Anger and Resentment Towards God
  • Organ rejuvenation
  • Golden Heart
  • Gut, Heart Braun


  • Dis connect from Disease Consciousness
  • Sickness Severs Me
  • Hatred and Anger Towards Men
  • Hatred and Anger Towards Women
  • Family Constellations
  • Cast Systems Family
  • God Hates Us all
  • Suffering is a virtue
  • Damsel in Distress
  • Cancer Free
  • M.S Free
  • Joint Pain
  • Broken Heart
  • Heart Strings


Video 3

Collapsing all subconscious belief systems that you may have, that you are aware of or not aware of.  They run in your genetics, they run in your family, in your town, your religion and in your country. Your focus, what you focus on and what you give power is so important. The mind is a computer. So if you tell your body it is healing, it’s full of joy, full of happiness – it will start doing that. Regeneration of cells, body muscles, ligaments and everything. Send your body Love Love Love.

Activations included – but not limited to;

  • Fruits of Life
  • Flow of Life
  • Cell Rejuvenation
  • Octarian Laser Light
  • The Eyes Have them.


Video 4

The close of the Webinar this video sees Tamra round up the reason for life and give a brief explanations about life’s video game and the power with in you.  Everything is inside of You. Joy. Happiness. Abundance – Life Flows.


Video 5

“The Dark Side of Spirituality” Master Class

We call ourselves  Spiritual because we don’t know what to call ourselves.  We put ourselves in labels and boxes, and believe in all the demons and spiritual war. Yet It’s time to come into the oneness.


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