Double Webinar Bonus With 12 Individual Activations


With 2 NEW webinars on April 19 and April 22, this package offers you the opportunity to receive all 11 Individual Activations that will be presented as well as an “Uncovered Activation” bonus! Receive all 12 activations as individual files, after the webinars, and receive the Bonus Activation Unconditional Love For Humanity immediately when you sign up today!

To participate in the individual webinars:

Get Your Keys Back Webinar Includes 6 Individual Activations

Heart Center Webinar Includes 5 Individual Activations

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With 2 new webinars this package offers you the opportunity to receive all 11 Activations that will be presented as well as a “lost Activation” bonus! Receive all 12 activations as individual files and the Bonus Activation Unconditional Love For Humanity immediately when you sign up today!

  1. Heart Center  This is both an activation and deactivation as it de- activates you from the traumas and fears around your pain body as well as the fears that we have taken on subconsciously from the world. This will deactivate you from all of the pain, fears and traumas that were mirrored from the universe and the collective consciousness. It is interesting how we learned to subconsciously plug ourselves into memory of the pain body, This activation unplugs you from that program and heals your heart and body as a whole by connecting you to your heart, your own truth and your body.
  2. If I Were President What would you do if you were president? What would you do differently than your President or Prime Minister? How would you act? What’s important to you? This activation may surprise you in finding out what really is important to you on a grand scale.
  3. Being on the Hamster Wheel Do you ever feel that you’re living the same day over and over and that progress never manifests? This activation will remove the mundane repetition and bring grace and opportunity into your life.
  4. Birth Trauma Being born is something we all have gone through, although not everyone realizes how traumatic being born can be. Once born we then have to adjust to a human body after being free, timeless and ageless.  What trauma did you experience during birth?  Let’s clear that trauma and release those fears and/or anxieties.
  5. Connecting and Healing with your Soul Family This activation connects you to your Soul Family, which is and of itself is healing. You can also ask for healing from your Soul Family once you’re connected to them. You may find this activation very nurturing and comforting.


  1. Get Your Keys Back Sometimes we give people power over us, which is similar to energetically giving them keys to us. This give then access to control you on a should level. This activation will return your keys and power back to you – where it belongs.
  2. Heal Your Body Part In this activation we will be visiting the Akashic Records to heal a specific body part of our choice.
  3. Living in the Past So many people live in the past with regrets that they keep recreating past events and get stuck in the sorrow of them and are afraid of move forward.
  4. Monsters in the Closet This activation helps clear the energy associated with the fear of Monsters and Monsters lurking in your life/closet.  As children we often let our imaginations take us to scary places and these can come back to us later in life as unresolved fear.  Know there is nothing to be fearful of.
  5. What Then? Deactivation What happens when the world or you are healed? What will you do then? People are afraid of being healed because their lives will change and they will have to reinvent themselves. This can be used with people who are sick or stuck in their patterns.
  6. Wounded Child We all have a wounded child within us. Some of us have a trauma that needs to be released in order for our gifts and skills to manifest.  This activation clears that trauma allowing you to freely become the person you’d like to become with the many talents, skills and gifts that are rightfully yours.

Bonus: Unconditional Love For Humanity  Living in a state of pure love, free from judgment and full of peace. Loving each individual as if they were your own child. Imagine how your world would change if you could look on others with that sense of kindness. This will be delivered immediately!


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