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Introducing a Ground-Breaking Series Channeled by the Masters…Fueled by God

Humanity has been living under false pretenses and false belief systems for eons of time. They have lived with influential mind programs appearing real and emotions, reactions and choices dominated by those programs. Each has created one false reality after another.

Is it any wonder the pain, struggle, lack of joy, disconnection, ill-health, lack of love and dissatisfaction that every one of us has experienced has dominated the human experience? How does it stop?


In a 12 part series by brought forth by Channel and Master Teacher, Sacred Activation & Deactivation Specialist Tamara Oviatt

  • Long ingrained mind programs will be shattered and cleared.
  • Ineffective beliefs will be removed and re-integrated under the influence of the Light and Love of God.
  • Healing from the beginning of your Earth time will occur.
  • DNA harmonious to the True New Matrix will switch on and,
  • You will be moved into a New Reality.


  • Will unfold as guided by many Masters. Each week you will personally be touched by every activation and deactivation.
  • Will move you into higher and higher states of consciousness as you will experience in the days between sessions.
  • Will connect you to the Power of God, the Power of Love and the Power of You.

Cost: $300.00 for all 12 sessions available in 2 payments or $25.00 per week, as you prefer.

Week 1 – Clearing Your First Incarnation:  The first week will be about clearing and healing your first incarnation and all the trauma you’ve picked up throughout these lifetimes.  View Video Summaries & Descriptions

Week 2
– Clearing Age 0 to 7:  We are in theta brain waves from being born to age 7 and we create a lot of our belief systems at that age, so we will be clearing all that out.  View Video Summaries & Descriptions

Week 3 – Lack & Limitation is an Illusion – You can have everything you desire right here and right now.  View Video Summaries & Descriptions

Week 4 (Free!) – Deactivate Mind Control Vibrations – There is a vibration in the air, kind of like radio-waves, that sends out an energy of separation, war, hate and vice, which Tamra is going to deactivate for people this week on the call so they can come into oneness. We are all in this together. We shouldn’t be separated because of our politics or our belief systems.  We have to realize we are in this together. This is all a part of transforming yourself to a higher level of understanding, and being able to connect with all that is you. Activate Oneness in knowing we are all together. Love for all.
This week’s class is available for free. Click here to check it out

Week 5Disconnect from Disease – Disease is man made. It’s a collective consciousness belief system, there are hundreds of thousands of diseases we can plug into and suffer from, so we are going to totally erase any need to experience disease anymore.  View Video Summaries & Descriptions

Week 6 – Deactivate Your Beliefs About Death and Aging – We will explore beliefs around aging and dying. Aging is a collective consciousness belief of what we’re supposed to look like at what age and how we’re supposed to act. Our perception of dying is also just a belief system here in the matrix. We don’t have to go through the dying process. When we are done with our mission we can leave. In week 6, Tamra connects with source energy so we can dis-create these belief systems within and in the collective consciousness. As these beliefs dissolve, we are brought into a higher vibrational frequency where we can look age 40 instead of age 600.  View Video Summaries & Descriptions

Week 7
– Walk-ins – We are integrating and/or releasing walk-ins, if you have or are a walk-in. We are clearing oaths, commitments, contracts, curses, blood bonds, demons, etc. so we can live our lives free of these things. It is no longer necessary to go through these kinds of things. If you’re ready to be free of these energies and really be in your power of who you are, join me this Wednesday! Looking forward to helping you with your transformation! Experience weekly calls to move into higher states of consciousness. Clear out old beliefs and old programs. Heal from your early incarnations and move into a new reality.  View Video Summaries & Descriptions

Week 8
– Higher Self & Sacred Geometry – We will be running many sacred geometry activations and I’ll be doing a guided meditation to connect you with your higher self. We will strengthen that connection so you can communicate with your higher self much, much easier.  View Video Summaries & Descriptions

Week 9
– Galactic Over Soul – Do you know how many people you are really connected with? Your oversoul has thousands of souls connected to it. Imagine your galactic oversoul. Can you imagine having access to all the gifts and talents of all these different aspects of you?  View Video Summaries & Descriptions

Week 10
– Universal Over Soul – Have you ever connected with your Universal Over Soul? Can you imagine how vast that is? Imagine how many souls are connected in that. It is all a part of you. Imagine being able to embody this any time you desire. Full connection, full clarity, full understanding, and the knowledge, the understanding and the vibrations of expansion of who you are totally connecting you to God energy.  View Video Summaries & Descriptions

Week 11
– Other You – Learn to talk and communicate with other “you’s” on different timelines. Be able to activate all the gifts you have acquired in all your soul’s lives.  Right here, right now, right where you are.  View Video Summaries & Descriptions

Week 12
– God Head – We are going to connect with the eye of God to see how God sees the world.  We will gain that free flowing connection with God, with everything, to tune into that energy and knowledge within us.  View Video Summaries & Descriptions

Video and Audio Format Available on Demand

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