Exiting the Matrix

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Exiting the Matrix

Exit the Matrix now, while you’re alive. Clear yourself so you never have to reincarnate again. The Matrix is what fuels our conflict – internal and external. By releasing yourself, you’ll achieve a new level of peace and enlightenment.

Wake Up Call
You know how people change their life after a near-death experience? Move to the next level and experience life in a new light without having to experience a near death.

Age Reversal
Are you too old to get in shape, are you too old to fall in love, are you too old to follow your dreams? Do you think it’s too late… are you ready to shift this?

Helping Hand
Do you believe you have to do everything on your own or fear it will not turn out right?  Do you feel others do not perform a good job for you or honor you? Clear this system out and attract the help you desire in your life, in all ways.

Doctors Don’t Always Know Best
Some doctors aren’t truly qualified to make a diagnosis, or even prescribe incorrect treatments for profit. Release yourself from these fears and attract unconditional healing.

Guided Meditation: What Are People Saying At Your Funeral?
I did this at a weekend event once and it is truly life changing. Imagine how you will be remembered, enhance that which you love you and clear away that which you do not.


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