Feeling Comfortable on Planet Earth – Walk Ins and Star Seeds


Live Zoom Session with Tamra Oviatt
July 20, 2019, 8 AM PST

  • Galactic Federation Activation 
  • Star Seed Activation
  • Star Gate Activation
  • Diamond DNA Activation
  • Total Body Connection Activation
  • New Guided Meditation

Activations Cost $20 each after Webinar!
Replays (Audios and Videos) will be made available!

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Tamra is offering upgraded versions of these 5 activations and a guided meditation with expanded enrgies of the 5th dimension. Here’s a detailed view of what you are going to get.

Galactic Federation Activation
The Galactic Federation activation brings you into alignment with our Galactic Family (GF).  It aligns you in such a way that you’re able to co-create with the GF and be an active participant in Gaia’s changes during this historical time.

Star Seed Activation
The Star Seed activation increases your energy to a level where you can talk to our brothers and sisters from other worlds. This activation removes your fears, allowing you to communicate with them while knowing that you are safe.

Star Gate Activation
This activation allows you to move through world’s solar systems and universes very quickly and easily. There is much power and freedom that comes with this activation. This activation can now be done without doing the first 24 activations and alchemy of the third fourth and fifth dimension. This new version of the activation will line you up where you are much better in being in unconditional love and in your power. After receiving the activation, Tamra brings you through a portal and takes you into the other dimensions 7 – 12

Diamond DNA Activation
Tamra received this activation couple of years ago in a Glastonbury mystery school training day and sometime ago she was told to do it again for everyone.  It activates diamonds, the crystalline properties, in your dna.  This is huge for upgrading communication.  This will really make some major shifts for yourself!

Total Body Connection Activation
This activation clears any beliefs you have around specific body parts or systems. It connects you with your entire body and the awareness that every body part is important. It brings you the clarity that in order to transform and ascend we need to include our bodies in the process. When there is balance in our bodies and we connect with our bodies our transformation quickens.

Guided Meditation
After the end of the activations on this call, you’ll have the opportunity to have a completely new guided meditation with Tamra. The details of the meditation will be shared on the call. It’s a surprise meant only for people who sign up for the class.

Some of you may already have the older versions of the activations offered, but remember these are completely new as they come with upgraded and expanded energy! Also, once the webinar is over each of these activations are going to cost $20 dollars. This is your golden opportunity to have them all, plus a guided meditation, for 1/4th of the price!


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