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Tamra Oviatt is a visionary leader in the human potential movement. Tamra is an award-winning author, and speaker. Tamra is the founder of Sacred Activations; which was given to her by God and is one of the most powerful and transformational energy work modalities available today. Experience the power of Sacred Activations in this free global event.

Tamra will be doing these 3 activations:

Lord metatron: 18 Strands of DNA

This activation brings the sacred geometric codes for the tetrahedron into your DNA. This information from the 6th Plane will activate your 12 strands of DNA and accelerate their evolution to the new, crystalline form. It will increase your awareness of and communication with the higher realms. It will also enable you to navigate Earth’s changes with greater ease and allow you to be in sync with Gaia’s evolution from a 3rd dimensional planet.

Christ Consciousness: Flower of Life

This heart-healing activation reconnects the two heart chakras and activates your Flower of Life. It plugs you into the unconditional love of the 5th-dimensional grid system, filling you with gratitude and empowering you to create miracles in your life.

Anger and Resentment Towards God

Many of us are unaware of the anger and resentment we have towards God. This anger keeps us from having faith that God can and will heal us and our clients. Before you partner with God to Facilitate healing for your clients you will need to release this belief.


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