Get Your Keys Back Webinar (Six Activations)


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  1. Get Your Keys Back Sometimes we give people power over us, essentially energetically giving them the keys to our lives and the ability to control you on a larger level. This activation will return your keys and power back to you – where it belongs.
  2. Heal Your Body Part In this activation we will be visiting the Akashic Records to heal a single body part of our choice. Use this activation as many times as you need!
  3. Living in the Past Many people live in the past with regrets, leading them to recreate past events which bring about a cycle of sorrow and pain. Working with this activation helps you “reset” the cycle, bringing about renewal and peace.
  4. Monsters in the Closet This activation helps clear the energy associated with the fear of monsters lurking in your life.  As children, we often let our imaginations take us to scary places and these can come back to us later in life as unresolved fear.  Know there is nothing to be fearful of.
  5. What Then? Deactivation What happens when you or the world are healed? What will you do then? People are afraid of being healed because their lives will change and they will have to reinvent themselves. This can be used with people who are ill, or are stuck in their patterns.
  6. Wounded Child We all have a wounded child within us. Some of us have a trauma that needs to be released in order for our gifts and skills to manifest.  This activation clears that trauma allowing you to freely become the person you’d like to become with the many talents, skills and gifts that are rightfully yours.


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