Sacred Activations Prosperity Consciousness 1 Day Training

Golden Seals AND Prosperity Consciousness Training

$5,291.00 $197.00

Product Description

The 2 Day Webinar focuses on YOUR Spirituality, Prosperity and Abundance. It is all about you having or being in a successful, flourishing, and thriving place in your life.

When you are in a prosperous environment internally and externally, you and people around you are happier. Moreover, like-minded positive people are drawn to you.

Additionally, Sacred Activations works on all of the relationships surrounding you – with money, health, family, friends, work, play and…yourself! It’s important to remember that at every level, our beliefs play themselves out in the way we experience or interact with the world.

Wouldn’t you like to experience it full out and when you choose to “exit the ride”, you’ll know that you did it all on your terms?

If you answered yes – you’re in the right place.

When you sign-up today you’ll immediately receive the Activations listed below. This will allow you to begin upleveling your consciousness right away AND…position you to take it even further when we begin on March 25.

You’ll also receive the Zoom call in details where you can connect by computer or smart device.

The full package includes Activations, Success Book & Handouts and 3 day live Training–valued at $1997–available today for only $197.

With this offer you will receive the full package which includes:

  1. 30 Activations from the Prosperity Package + 13 Remaining Activations from the Foundation Activations
  2. Your Personal Invitation to 1 Day Golden Seals Foundation Live Online Training
  3. YouTube Links for the Replays from Recent Golden Seals Foundation Online Training
  4. YouTube Link for the Replay of the Golden Seals Activation
  5. Success Book & Handouts for the 2 Day Prosperity Training (delivered just prior to the event)
  6. and FINALLY – TWO TICKETS to the 2 day Prosperity Training that focuses on YOUR Prosperity and Abundance.

Total Value $5,291–available today for only $197.

When you sign up, the following 43 Activations will be delivered to you immediately:

  1. Addiction Redirection
  2. Alchemy of the 3rd Dimension
  3. Anger and Resentment Towards God
  4. Anger, Guilt and Fear
  5. Are You  A Martyr?
  6. Are You Stuck?
  7. Avebury Stonehenge
  8. Bleeding Heart
  9. Caste System – Money
  10. Christ Consciousness
  11. Collective Church
  12. Collective Wound Release
  13. Creative Gene
  14. Death and Taxes
  15. Debtor’s Prison
  16. Disappointment Release
  17. Family Constellations
  18. Fear of Authority
  19. Fruit of Life
  20. Get in the Vortex
  21. Healers Who Suffer
  22. Heaven on Earth
  23. Inner Child Reconnection
  24. Karmic Loop De-activation
  25. Life’s Grid
  26. Lord Metatron
  27. Millionaire Vibration
  28. Money Gene
  29. Moses Code
  30. Mother Earth
  31. Mother Mary
  32. Oaths, Values, Commitments, and Contracts
  33. Original Light Language
  34. Overwhelm
  35. Playing it Small
  36. Polar Opposite
  37. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  38. Release from Government Assistance
  39. Release from Spiritual Ego
  40. Sacred Blueprint
  41. Sacred Power
  42. Soulmate
  43. Super DNA

The YouTube Links for the Golden Seals Training and the Recorded Version of the Live 1 day Training will also be delivered in the email as well as being available on the Purchase Page after you check out with the confirmed payment.


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