Gut Rejuvenation Webinar


Rejuvenate Your Gut!
Live Zoom Session with Tamra Oviatt
July 21, 2019, 8 AM PST

6 Activations Including

  • Gut and Brain Activation
  • Liver and Gall Bladder Activation
  • Blood and Lymph System Activation

With Replays (Audio & Video Files)

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Your gut is one of the most important parts in your body. Most of the diseases, if not all, start in your gut. For you to live a healthy life, it’s important to keep your gut healthy. That’s why on this webinar Tamra is offfering 3 all-new-activations that will rejuvenate your gut and the status of your overall health.

Here’s a deeper look into the activations:

Gut and Brain Activation
Did you know you have a second brain in your gut? Have you heard of “gut intuition,” “gut instinct,” “I feel it in my belly,” “I’ve got butterflies in my belly?” Do you know that an out-of-balance gut can throw a person off balance in various parts of life? This activation works on bringing balance to your “Gut-Brain” and strengthening the link between your gut and your brain. Tamra has worked on it for 10 months and now she is ready to give it out to you!

Liver and Gall Bladder Activation
Liver and gall bladder are important parts of your digestive system. Not only they help you digest the food properly and balance the salts, they also help you balance your belief systems. The information related to your angers and resentments get digested in these parts of your body. This activation helps you optimize the functioning of your liver and gall bladder so that your mental and physical health stays optimized.

Blood and Lymph System Activation
Your blood runs to every corner of your body. It’s really about the flow of life and being in that flow of life. It’s also about being in harmony with your body so you can be in perfect health. Your blood is what carries the nutrients you receive in your gut by digesting your food. Uninterrupted flow of clean blood makes sure that your gut instinct works so that you can really listen to yourself and follow that instead of being like a robot plugged in and programmed to think what they want you to think.

This is a super important webinar, and remember, after the webinar these activations are going to cost $20 dollars each. So hop in while there’s still time! There will be 6 activations altogether, the rest of which will be revealed during the webinar!


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