Happiness, Joy, Love and Abundance


Abundance- Fear stops us from Creating, it keeps us from Abundance. Have you had money in the past and lost it? Used it unwisely? Have you been criticized for how you have used money in the past? Do you need people to tell you what to do with your money? Focus on your mistakes, times where you have crashed and burned (what strange words we use) How did that make you feel? Let’s release any Oaths, Vows, Commitments and Contracts that you may have about never to do that again! Do you trust the wrong people? Let’s Unmask them so you can see the part they are playing in your learning. They are playing a role so that you can learn without having to play that role. What are they teaching you? How are they servicing you? Are they there to throw you off? Release that so you don’t have to have them play that role anymore.

Did you know that 85-90% of the population learns from suffering, lack and fear? Let’s reverse that and let that 90% learn through Love, Joy, Happiness and Abundance! Let’s uninstall the old program from the Motherboard and install the new one. Happiness, Joy, Love and Abundance is how we learn now! Just download it and activate it! What phrase do you keep playing over and over in your head? For me (Tamra) it’s “Burning the candle at both ends” What comes to your mind? Let’s Release that.

I hope you are doing your Money Energy Paycheck system, I know I am! Plug into the Flow of Abundance, Happiness, Joy, Health, Love, Excitement, Gratitude, Ecstasy, Nirvana Energy, Plenty of

Everything! Plug into Magic and Miracles!!! It Feels Great doesn’t it?

Have a Beautiful Week!

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