Webinar: Healer’s Prospect



  1. Would you like to stop thinking of your healing as “Woo-Woo”?
  2. Do you feel that you were persecuted in a past life for being a healer?
  3. Is co-dependency keeping you from realizing your power as a healer?
If you answered yes to any one of these questions you’ll want to listen to this webinar!
A healer’s life is not always easy. With a Woo-Woo bias from the public, history has feared the unknown and untraceable and the idea of witchcraft and alchemy has both intrigued and repelled individuals for thousands of years.
You can let go of the energy when you run these activations and continue to step into your power as a healer.
Activations include:
  • Woo-woo Healing Deactivation
  • Past Life Healing Persecution Deactivation
  • Co-dependency and Healer Issues


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