Labels and Boxes Masterclass

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Get Out of the box!
Remove the labels that limit your potential.

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Part 1 – Teaching and Introduction

Tamra begins part one with the following statements:

This is about dis-creating a bunch of belief systems. We believe in gravity because the apple falls from the tree, but hundreds of years ago people were flying around, levitating, and could walk on water. Trees could also walk around… because the collective consciousness belief system wasn’t there. And now it’s here. So now people believe that you can’t walk on water, a tree can’t move, and that you can’t fly… because you believe in gravity. You also believe in aging and what you’re supposed to look like at a particular age.

Tamra gave a personal example of walking around at the beach in a two-piece bikini, then meeting a man while she was there and having him ask her out to spend time together… and they did. She said she feels good about herself and is no longer embarrassed to wear a two-piece, but up until now she was. She’s ageless now and excited about that, too.

She also talks about Vickies and what happened, comparing it to him going from riding a horse to flying a spaceship and how that showed up in their interactions.

Tamra also mentioned that, for her, going with the flow has become boring. She’s ready to really create. She then breaks into an amazing set of affirmations for the life she is ready to create, inspiring all to follow along. The past few weeks have taught her so much and as a result, she’s ready for much more in life.

Part 2 – Clearing Belief Systems

In part two of this webinar, Tamra works to clear belief systems that limit individuals from really showing up.

Beliefs such as walking on water, levitating, or flying all believed to be impossible are cleared, along with other beliefs, such as trees can’t walk, or being ageless… all such beliefs are challenged, then cleared in part two.

After clearing these, she also looks at the beliefs that:

There’s only room for one.

Everybody’s better than me.

They have more energy.

They have more knowledge.

They got lucky.

They didn’t come from the family I came from.

They didn’t have to ride the horse or take the bus… they have the limo.

These and many more limiting, restricting beliefs are cleared in this part of the webinar.

Part 3 – Labels and Boxes

Tamra begins this section by asking:

“How do you label yourself?” My name is _________ and I… what?

What’s your box?

What’s your label?

I’m spiritual.

I’m a spiritual teacher.

I’m vegetarian.

I’m a meat eater.

I’m constantly broke.

I’m better than all of you.


Tamra then asks the following as a way of getting her point across to you:

How do you label yourself? Are you better, or are you worse? Are you riding the horse, or are you flying the spaceship? Are you somewhere in between? Where are you not good enough? Yeah.

I am… my work. Why are you your work? Why?


We make ourselves worthy or unworthy by our title, or our label.

Look at me. I’m an author and a teacher.


She then continues with:

What role are you playing? How do you identify yourself? Let’s let go of that because, again, if you’re labeling yourself, then you step into those rules that limit you.

She then has each on look at those beliefs that were formed from birth to age seven and clears those as well.

This powerful part of the webinar is just another example of the power of this entire webinar.

Part 4 – Activating Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, Health, and Abundance 


Tamra begins part 4 of this webinar by saying the following:

We need to activate something else because everyone is going to be really lost when their belief systems about the end of the world, or Jesus’s second coming, and all those things that are dis-created… they’re not going to know what to believe.

So we’re gonna create. Ready? Peace, love, joy, happiness, abundance, health, and love for all. Imagine that going into the matrix, right here and right now.

And I’m saying this because have you guys ever gone through a whole weekend of my stuff, and all of the sudden you don’t know who you are? You don’t know what to think or feel… so then you start creating something or re-creating something? So let’s give you a basis to create with. Okay? Peace, love, joy, happiness, health, and abundance.

This part of the webinar continues with a powerful conclusion to this exercise.

Part 5 – Conclusion, Upcoming events, etc.

Not Your Guru starts next Tuesday, Sept 3.

This Saturday we are doing Black Magic Puppet Master, Unmasked, and all those other things.

The next webinar… the third one, is going to be all about sex. Healthy sex… good sex… sex is about making love… creating. It’s not about the two-second orgasm.

Premature ejaculation, impotence, not being able to have an orgasm for a woman… they’re all about not being able to accept love. So we’ll dis-create all those fears and energies around that so that we can get back to some really good lovemaking and creating.

Keep allowing this to dis-create what was just cleared and create the new.

I was told to do this once a month because a lot of shifts need to take place before we can go to that next level.

Talking about the fact that some private sessions will be held as well.


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