Mammograms and Surgery Clearing Webinar



In this webinar, Tamra will be giving you up to 6 Sacred Activations for clearing;

Have you been subjected to mammograms or surgery you felt you didn’t really want or like? What did the doctors tell you – did you take on all that as your truth and so went through with something you would’ve skipped otherwise?

  • Mammogram Release: Releasing us from the fear of receiving a mammogram, fear of the medical need for one, and dispels the trauma we experience from them
  • Trauma from Surgery: Releases us from the fear of undergoing anesthesia for surgery, of experiencing the surgery and worrying about its possible complications, and dispels our worry when we listen to the unfamiliar professional medical talk in the room when we’re conscious.
  • Menopause: Clearing our bodies of the symptoms of menopause, to bring relief
  • Hormones in Balance: Balancing our hormone levels and releasing blockages which cause imbalance
  • Activate Your Telomeres: Each time our cells divide, our telomeres become shorter. Telomeres protect our cells from damage, and once they are diminished, our bodies begin to suffer from the signs of aging.
  • Age Reversal: Tamra takes you into Moses’ Mountain where the Central Sun destroys the old blueprints that dictate how you were supposed to look and physically be at certain ages. New blueprints take their place, granting age reversal by rejuvenating and healing your body as it takes its new path. In this meditation, you will lie on a table with a crystal grid whose geometry will heal and revitalize your cells.


If you have had any surgery, Tamra will rejuvenate and clear the related organs from the traumas or belief patterns that were created in the first place, so that it’s not left hanging around in the body.


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