Master Practitioner Home Study and Live Training


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The Master Practitioner Training is a 4-day class which continues and builds upon the SA Practitioner Training.  You will learn more about how to clear the collective consciousness and work with groups. You will also become certified to work with 150 Sacred Activations.

*Practitioner Training is a Prerequisite**

Next classes are on September 11-14, 2020

Attend live online via Zoom or in-person in Yucatán, Mexico.

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NOTE: The Practitioner Training is a prerequisite to this class. Order it here.

Course Structure

This course entails nearly 12 hours of video, from four days of classes, that is broken down into 13 parts. Each video is a full record of the class as it progressed, with either Tamra teaching, students asking questions or sharing their experiences from the exercises that they do with each other.

Day One
Videos – The entire first say of training consists of Tamra teaching and students practicing running activation on one another. As well many questions are asked and answered while students share their own personal experiences of running activations on one another as well as having many of these clarified by Tamra.

Day Two
Videos – The second day of this class is somewhat identical to the first, except that more activations are run and some with great skill.

Days Three and Four
Days three and four are similar to the first two.

Must complete 3 group practice sessions. Please contact with the following information:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Names of Group Members
  • Activations Used in Session

Certificate will be delivered after 3 group practice sessions are completed.

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