Master Practitioner Home Study and Live Training


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The Master Practitioner Training is a 4-day class which continues and builds upon the SA Practitioner Training.  You will learn more about how to clear the collective consciousness and work with groups. You will also become certified to work with 150 Sacred Activations.

*Practitioner Training is a Prerequisite**

Next classes are on October 19-20, 2019 (Puerto Morales, Mexico) and
November 2-3, 2019 (St. Augustine, Florida)

Attend live online via Zoom or write to us for the full addresses to attend in person

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NOTE: The Practitioner Training is a prerequisite to this class. Order it here.

Those who take Master Practitioner training will receive 150 Golden Seals, which will allow them to run any one of up to 150 different activations. At this point they’ll start channeling and receiving new activations from God… or Source, the Universe, the Eye of God, the Central Sun. Whatever term you choose, this is where we work.

In this course, Tamra teaches you, and in addition, you get the codes. You are also taught how to stay out of the energy, to be able to work with large groups, and be able to give these activations so that you can do webinars or weekend events. At this point you’re also welcome to copy Tamra’s webinars and offer them as well.

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