Medical Intuitive Practitioner Training


Medical Intuitive Practitioner Training is a 4 (or 5, sometimes) day training conducted in two parts. The training this year is taking place in St. Augustine, Florida and the dates are December 7-11 and (TBD). Classes start from 7 AM PST. The 5th date (if needed) will be decided by the class as one that works best for the group.

  • The Practitioner Training is a prerequisite to this class
  • This class replaces Organ Rejuvenation and Esoteric Energetics

If you have already taken part in the Organ Rejuvenation and Esoteric Energetics, please use the coupon code provided or contact Support if you need it again.


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In this training you will learn:

  • how to go inside the body,
  • how to talk to organs,
  • how to work with the organs,
  • how to hold organs energetically in your hands
  • how to work with the blood system, the brain… everything.

In this training you will also learn how to use the ability to perform blue laser light therapy and how to do hands-on healing.This is an extremely advanced medical intuitive class.

This is also the last time this class will be offered for $997. The next time it’s offered, the price of this class will be increasing by $500 to $1497. So if you’re interested in taking this class, save $500 by signing up now.