Mystery School

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Our Mystery School is an ongoing gathering where healers come together for education, healing and enlightenment as guided by the Ascended Masters.
I will be working with healers of all modalities to take their passion, skills and understanding to a new level. Energetically, we will visit sacred locations across the globe and become immersed in their divine and sacred geometry. This unlocks powerful skills, abilities and latent healing. Each Mystery School is a new journey,
To know there is more possible is one thing. To own the possibilities and make them a reality is the student’s ultimate goal.
Did you know we can walk on water? We can perform miracles – all over the world. We can heal the world. We’ll look at scientific studies that showed those things we consider impossible to be commonplace.
I will recommend suggested readings, conversations and offer a 6 hour training that you can attend live and will be recorded so you can still watch or re-watch as time permits!

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