Power package consisting of
34 De-activations and 5 Activations


  1. Not a Slave to money until you die.
  2. Being a servant
  3. Hatred and resentment
  4. Family Line Stops here
  5. Fear of success/failure
  6. Healthy Boundaries,
  7. Worry wort
  8. Karmic Loop
  9. Death and Taxes
  10. Debtor’s prison
  11. Not a Martyr
  12. Not Your Door Mat
  13. Bleeding Heart
  14. Money Is the Route of all evil
  15. Rich People Suck
  16. Being Safe to Have money
  17. Falling Down the Ladder
  18. Great Depression
  19. Money Creates Chaos
  20. Blood Line
  21. Honouring your family
  22. Being poor is a blessing
  23. The harder you struggle the closer you are to god
  24. Fear of having it all
  25. Self-sacrifice for money
  26. Time is money
  27. God will save me/damsel in distress
  28. The need for government assistance/hourly paying job belief systems
  29. If you’re not struggling you’re not learning
  30. Over whelm of Money
  31. Prisoner to your location
  32. Prisoner to Money
  33. Fear of Being seen
  34. Fear of standing out.



  1. Tree of Life – Flow
  2. Christ Conciouness
  3. Love of Money
  4. Money Loves me
  5. I am the money vibration.



Summary of Downloads:

Part 1 – Webinar Intro – Activations Run Today – Teaching

Tamra begins the webinar by asking everyone to take a moment, go inside, and connect into their hearts… and get lined up with everything they want to clear today. Write it down… anything to do with money, showing up, being a victim, being in a family curse… anything like that. Even any thoughts that come into their minds about these things… take a moment and right them all down because it’s all going to be cleared in this webinar. Tamra then goes over some things that people wrote in about to deal with in this webinar. The activations and de-activations that will be run in this webinar are Worry Wart, Karmic Loop, Slave to Money Til You Die, and Family Line Stops Here, Healthy Boundaries, Rich People Suck, Caste System Money, Death and Taxes, Debtors Prison, Not a Martyr, Bleeding Heart, Money Is The Root of All Evil, Bloodline, Damsel In Distress, and Not Your Doormat.

“People have what they feel they deserve. People can feel that they’re worthy of a lot of money, but if you’re focusing on worry, lack, and limitations, that’s what you’re creating. So today that’s what we’re clearing… we’re clearing that stuff out so it frees your subconscious mind of that programming.” Her teaching continues from there. She then asks how people are spending their time. Are they taking action or not. Also learn how to stand out.
“I think the fear of success is much greater than the fear of failure, because if you really succeed, everything around you is going to change… everything you’re comfortable with.” More teaching on this.

“Healthy boundaries is really, really huge because a lot of people want a lot of attention. And they will do whatever they can to get your attention. It’s good to help people, but you have to have healthy boundaries.”
Tamra’s teachings are very profound in this section… very worth listening to.
She then announces that the class will be doing a lot of clearing today, followed by a guided meditation… Your Inner Millionaire.


Part 2 – Running Sacred Activations/Deactivations

In this part Tamra runs all the activations and deactivations listed above, plus many more, the equivalent of 20 or so more than listed.

Before running these she explains a few of the activations and lists them again, then begins to run them on the attendees. As she runs some activations she explains why they’re being run. She also calls out many belief systems to let go of as the activations are being run. Before ending this part, Tamra adds in The Tree of Life, Money Loves Me, I Am the Money Vibration activations.


Part 3 – Guided Meditation – Your Inner Millionaire

In this part of the webinar Tamra takes the webinar into the guided meditation, Your Inner Millionaire.

She tells the class that as they connect into this energy their senses start to open, and that whatever that is for them is just fine. She then activates each one’s inner millionaire qualities and integrates them, then activates the money gene. This is a powerful guided meditation.


Part 4 – Songs for the Class

Tamra does two songs for the class and instructs them that as they hear her name in the first one, add their name in as well, or sing her name. She suggests that each one sing it to themselves each day. These songs are to help each one get into the higher vibration.


Part 5 – Close of the Webinar

Tamra opens the floor to questions, then thanks everyone who attended, instructs them to listen to the guided meditations again, and to get into the spirit of joy and happiness, and not take themselves so seriously. Be of service, but you’ve got to be of service to you, too.


*This webinar is free for people who have signed up for Living in 5D: Out of the Mind Matrix (now, Conscious Creation) classes


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