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Mark the dates as Tamra Oviatt’s new show launches on September 3, 2019. Finally she is stepping out into the world with all her divine energy. For years, she has been helping people with activations, private healings, and tranfering energy through various mediums; but never was she this determined to reach out as wide and far as possible and help make world a better place.

People, this is Tamra Oviatt 2.0

and this is her new show that will be distributed across multiple platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Roku, Amazon Video etc. Here’s your opportunity to catch her live on Zoom before the world does! This is a free-to-attend show, all you need to do is just sign up and you’ll receive the details.

So What to Expect from the Show

This is a talk show, essentially. Tamra has decided to speak out to the world in all her divine capacity. For years she has been hired by event organizers against a hefty chunk of green paper to just be there and speak, but now she is speaking out, and it’s not going to cost a penny. In this show, Tamra will talk about a lot of things including issues that are close to her, like, how our belief systems control our lives, how magical life on this planet is actually meant to be, how to connect with the energies from the higher dimensions, how we can use the connection and our collective subconscious to achieve world peace in our time etc. She’ll also be interviewing some very interesting guests from time to time. And last but not the least, she’ll be running some public private-healing sessions as well with due consent of the participants. It’s not about showing you the way, it’s more about accelarating the process within you so that you can wake up and see your own path, the path you are meant to be on, that is, your true destiny.

Tamra says, “I am Not your Guru. You are your own Guru.” Witness this, come be a part of the change we all want to see in our lifetime! 

P.S: When you sign up for this show, you receive a $10 dollar thank you coupon that you can use across all webinars and activations available on If you are a healer or a practitioner and you want to be guest on the show, do drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you. Also, if you are not a healer and would like to be a part of one of the featured public private-healing sessions on the show, please reach out, we’re listening.


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