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December 12-13, 2020

You are entitled to attend all future training sessions for free, watch a replay of the previous session and can treat others with the activations received. Also, when you sign up for this training you get access to the Exclusive Facebook Group for Sacred Activations Practitioners

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Course Structure

This course entails over 8 hours of video, from two days of classes, that is broken down into
only 4 parts. Each video is a full record of the class as it progressed, with either Tamra
teaching, students asking questions or sharing their experiences from the exercises that they
do with each other.

Day One
Videos 1 & 2 – In these two videos you will have the entire first say of training in which Tamra
teaches and students practice running activation on one another. As well many questions are
asked and answered while students share their own personal experiences while running
activations on one another as well as having many of these clarified by Tamra.

Day Two
Videos 1 & 2 – On the second day, the training becomes a bit more intense as Tamra takes
the students into running more activations, shares more from her own personal experiences
with herself and the how the activations worked with her, experiences with her clients, as well
as how the activations themselves came about.

Unlike Tamra’s more recent classes, each day of these classes was recorded in two parts, so
the sections that are now broken out are all run together. This does not take away from the
power of the class, but instead only makes summarizing the courses more difficult. Sacred
Activations Master Practitioner training is a very powerful course that will more than change
your life, but will also effect the lives of those around you in a positive way.

Must complete 3 practice sessions within 3 months. Please contact with the following information:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Name
  • Activations Used in Session

Certificate will be delivered after 3 practice sessions are completed.

Here’s a look into what happens during the classes

This is what the attendees from previous years had to say about the training

You just connect with your Presence and you will just witness the energy. Everybody’s experience of the Sacred Activations is unique. No. Every time I run an activation I have a different experience, and every time you would run an activation and witness it for a client, the client will have a very different and a very unique experience.

You know how Kathryn was saying that she now sees the energies of the activations in cartoon form? Everybody has their own… you connect with the way that suits you and which is for your highest and best to witness the shifts in your clients.

– Finn, class attendee

So often we give our power away or we feel small instead of stepping into our power. We give our power away to people, we’re impacted by the opinions of other people, and we often back down from being in our bigness. I know for me, when I got this activation I had a memory of being one with Creator and being able to literally move a mountain. If I said in that moment that I could move that mountain, the mountain would move, and it kind of terrified me.

– Shauna, class attendee, describing an activation she was given to run


NOTE: Shortly after the class, we will send you the replays of your course.

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