Practitioner Training (9 Month Payment Plan)

$72.97 / month for 9 months

Important: A 10% financing fee is added to all subscription plans.

You are entitled to attend all future training sessions for free, watch a replay of the previous session and can treat others with the activations received. Also, when you sign up for this training you get access to the Exclusive Facebook Group for Sacred Activations Practitioners


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In this beginning level of practitioner training, the first seven activations presented are sacred geometry activations, which you will both receive and learn to give. Just doing this alone will line you up and change your life, as well as increasing your intuition and psychic abilities.

In this training you will also receive 30 Golden Seals, which allows you to only do this work with individuals, along with 30 activations that are included with this class. Combined with this training, you will be able to conduct one-on-one sessions with clients that can either be held in person or remotely.

Each of these 30 activations can change up to hundreds, even thousands of belief systems. Additionally, each of these activations will continue to shift you and your clients for days, weeks, and even months. (As a note, it took Tamra a year and a half to receive the first 26 of these 30 activations that you’ll be receiving during this training).

If you take the training live online you will be connecting with people from all over the world. You will also have plenty of opportunity to practice in a ‘Zoom room’ where you can do so privately, one-on-one, with other people attending the class. In addition to Tamra, there are also other master teachers who are always attending class to both help and assist. You can ask as many questions as you would like, and you’ll get plenty of time to interact with everybody, and to practice building your skills and confidence with this modality.

Here’s a look into what happens during the classes

This is what the attendees from previous years had to say about the training

You just connect with your Presence and you will just witness the energy. Everybody’s experience of the Sacred Activations is unique. No. Every time I run an activation I have a different experience, and every time you would run an activation and witness it for a client, the client will have a very different and a very unique experience.

You know how Kathryn was saying that she now sees the energies of the activations in cartoon form? Everybody has their own… you connect with the way that suits you and which is for your highest and best to witness the shifts in your clients.

– Finn, class attendee


So often we give our power away or we feel small instead of stepping into our power. We give our power away to people, we’re impacted by the opinions of other people, and we often back down from being in our bigness. I know for me, when I got this activation I had a memory of being one with Creator and being able to literally move a mountain. If I said in that moment that I could move that mountain, the mountain would move, and it kind of terrified me.

– Shauna, class attendee, describing an activation she was given to run


NOTE: Shortly after the class, we will send you the replays of your course.

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