Sacred Activations Prosperity Consciousness 1 Day Training

Prosperity Consciousness Training

$5,291.00 $197.00

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Product Description

The 2 Day Webinar focuses on YOUR Spirituality, Prosperity and Abundance. This webinar is dedicated to putting you in a place in life where you can thrive, flourish and enjoy unlimited prosperity from the universe!

When you are in a prosperous environment, you and people around you are happier. Moreover, other like-minded people coming from a place of positivity are drawn to you.

Additionally, Sacred Activations works on all of the relationships surrounding you – enhancing all areas of your life, including; work, life, friends, health and play! It’s important to remember that at every level, our beliefs strongly influence the way we experience or interact with the world.

Wouldn’t you like to experience it fully and when you choose to “exit the ride”, you’ll know that you did it all on your terms?

If you answered yes – you’re in the right place.

You’ll also receive the Zoom call in details where you can connect by computer or smart device.

The full package includes the Measuring Your Success handbook, additional handouts and 2 day live Training–valued at $1997–available today for only $197.

With this offer you will receive the full package which includes:

  1. TWO TICKETS to the 2 day Prosperity Training that focuses on YOUR Prosperity and Abundance.
  2. Success Book & Handouts for the 2 Day Prosperity Training (delivered just prior to the event)
  3. 30 Activations for Prosperity and Abundance
  4. $200 Coupon Off of Practitioner Training

Total Value $5,291–available today for only $197.

The event will be held live on March 25 and March 26, 2017 at 8:30 AM PST!


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