Relationship Course -DAY 1- Blueprint For Love


1 Hour Runtime



What People Are Saying

“Felt this in my Heart Chakra. AWESOME Class . Thank you for all the help love and JOY🌳🌈🌟”
– Lisa W.

“Beloved Tamra Oviatt, this first part of the relationship course was so powerfully healing, expansive and clearing all in one! For me it was the first time during the live activation that I could actually feel the energy palpably…”
– Suzanne S.

Release old limiting construct, belief systems, and low-vibrational emotions that are affecting your intimate relationships, the relationship with yourself, and the relationship with family/friends.

Tamra’s doing activations in a different way.  This class includes 20 activations.  She is installing them in the original blueprint. 

Activations include:  Sacred sex, clearing guilt and shame, clearing out belief in twin flames, whole soul installation, post traumatic stress, anger & resentment, self forgiveness, healthy boundaries, child dreams (clearing the childhood fantasies that don’t align), get your keys back, heart strings, broken heart, self worth, freedom, oaths vows commitments and contracts, and freedom.


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