Release Dark Witchcraft, Oaths, Curses, Spells & Hexes

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Do you work with other planes of existence? Did you know: When working in these planes, there are vows, oaths and commitments that can prevent you from advancing to the next level?  Are you ready to move forward and free yourself? Are you ready to shift from this system, and achieve new levels of spiritual ascension?
Clear dark witchcraft, harmful spells, dangerous curses and hexes from you, and your entire family lineage. Have you felt you and your family have been cursed? Are you ready to let it go?
Release yourself from alien implants, malicious control and trauma. Do you fear you have implants installed by the government, or extraterrestrial visitors?  Want them removed?
These things are all interconnected. Release all control and separation brought in by the churches and religions of the world, to keep you from your true power and authentic connection with God.  Release the barriers the collective has kept you from the knowing you are one with God.
Did you sell your soul? Or was your soul taken from you?  Retrieve your soul. Embrace the Universal Life Grid to protect you going forward, so these energies are unable to reattach.

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