Sacred Activations: 26 Essential Sacred Activations To Expand Your Gifts Beyond Mastery (Kindle Edition)


Available from Amazon, quite simply, when you heal yourself and your life using the Sacred Activations, you are shifting the planet from fear to love. As you heal yourself, you help to heal all of humankind. It’s quick, easy and simple! This book takes you through the fascinating story of the author, Tamra Oviatt’s journey towards becoming a healer, how she first received the activations, the understanding behind the process and how your deepest subconscious beliefs influence the reality of the world around you. Many people have benefited from Tamra’s Sacred Activations. You have that chance too. So why allow yourself to be limited by those old programs of fear and limitation? Seize the opportunity now, and be one of the many people who are ready for this amazing shift towards love.



When You Read and Apply ‘Sacred Activations’ You Will:

  • Receive 26 activations to use on yourself.
  • Learn about addiction and how to clear it.
  • Clear old and harmful belief systems.
  • Learn about life and death and how it relates to past lives.
  • Learn how about Tamra’s journey and how she received Sacred Activations.
  • Learn about the body connection.
  • Learn about the power of words and how to activate them on yourself.
  • How to disconnect yourself from the collective consciousness.
  • How to ‘Measure Your Success’ through the included progress guide.
  • Receive Pendulum charts to help you identify areas you need to activate most.
  • Receive Tamra’s exclusive ‘Money Energy Paycheck System’.
  • And much more…


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