Six Activations Webinar 2

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Six NEW activations in LIVE webinar” Heaven & Hell ~ Birth Right ~ Crucifixion ~ Self Sacrifice ~ I am a BIG deal/I am Confident ~ plus a SURPRISE activation given on the day!

Recorded June 20, 2020


“Heaven and Hell”: This deactivation releases the built up energy that you carry with you about war and sadness on the planet. This deactivation also releases you from the feeling of wanting to go “home” and feeling separate from yourself

“Birth Right”: This deactivation releases you from the chains of your birth certificate. Allowing you to be a conscious creator of your life – you are allowed to be here without feeling like you have to run off of subconscious programming.

“Crucifixion”: A lot of people feel crucified, or they need to crucify others, this deactivation releases you from those chains.

“Self Sacrifice”: Highly connected to “Crucifixion” – many people self sacrifice or feel others ‘should’ self sacrifice and this deactivation releases you from this negative energy.

“I am a BIG deal/I am confident”: This activation helps activate your confidence, to help you show up. You ARE helping somebody and this energy allows you to be in your truth and be of service, with all the confidence of who YOU are. Not in the ego way, just being real.

PLUS as SURPRISE activation gift!

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