Six Activations Webinar 3

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Six NEW activations in LIVE webinar: Pain vs Pleasure ~ Dark Desires ~ Soul Repair/Soul Damage ~ Inner Twin Flame/Sacred Union ~ Hate vs Love ~ Learning from Trauma/Drama

Recorded July 11. 2020


All NEW webinar with six activations, all recorded separately. These six activations will include:

  • Pain vs Pleasure – Deleting the duality of the need to have pain in order to have pleasure
  • Dark Desires – Whatever dark desires means for you will be deleted
  • Soul Repair/Soul Damage – Defragmenting your energy field and bring back all your pieces
  • Inner Twin Flame/Sacred Union – Coming together with your inner twin flame and sacred union of your inner self
  • Hate vs Love – Clearing out the duality of love and hate so that you can live in just the love
  • Learning from Trauma/Drama – Clearing out your addiction to drama and trauma to lead a balanced life of happiness

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