Six Activations Webinar

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In this webinar, Tamra will provide six activations for your body for overall harmony and health.

Recorded May 2, 2020


“Activate Your Pheromones”: Activating your pheromones really helps you in life for people
just opening up to you and talking to you.

“Hormones in Balance”: Balancing out your hormones; serotonin, dopamine,
progesterone, testosterone, estrogen – all of it, and any other hormones.

“Telomeres, Stem Cells and Collagen”: Activating whatever is needed within your body and

“Twelve Light Bodies”:  Activating your 12 light bodies, so this is really expanding your energy
and really lining you up with all your light bodies!

“Cell Snap”: Is such an amazing activation to bring the cells back to perfect harmony and
health and clear all the gunk out of it. So that it can recreate its’ self properly, the way it
should be.

“Inner Child”: This activation is about bringing all your pieces back, because through life we have
these traumas and parts of us like stuck in these traumas and in these areas. So what this
does is clear out all the trauma from all the different areas and brings all your cells back in,
bring you more into wholeness.

Join now and activate your entire body!

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