Soul Repair Webinar


Live Zoom Session with Tamra Oviatt
September 18, 8AM PST

  • Soul Repair Activation
  • Dark Desires Deactivation
  • Compassion for Self & Others Activation
  • Body Shame Deactivation
  • Healing the Injured Heart Activation

And More!
Replays (Audio & Video) in 48-72 Hours after the Webinar!


The first Sacred Activations webinar of September 2019 is here. The 5 activations that has been confirmed to be shared during this webinar are as follows.

1) Soul Repair: This is a new activation that, just like the name suggests, repairs the broken soul and brings together the missing pieces of your soul.

2) Dark Desires: Dark desires are mostly about sexual desires like paedophilia, rape etc. This activation is going to release those energies and it will also work on post-traumatic stress caused by sexual abuse.

3) Compassion for Self & Others: Compassion is a natural feeling but modern life often causes us to lose compassion not only towards others but also to ourselves. This activation clears those energies so that you don’t go too hard on yourself or others around you and become compassionate again.

4) Body Shame: Are you ashamed of your own body or a certain part of your body? You are not alone. A lot of us are not very proud of how their belly, waste or underarm looks or feels. This activation would help you love your body as a whole again by working on the energies that maks you feel ashamed of something that is a part of you.

5) Healing the Injured Heart: Do you feel broken hearted? Do you feel your heart is strained? Your heart is an important part of you. Just like your soul, your heart too needs repairing if you are feeling heavy there. This is the activation that does exactly that so that you can feel light-hearted again and enjoy your life.

If these sound interesting to you do sign up and attend the live event cause there’s going to be more inside the webinar. Again, if you have already enrolled for the Living In 5D: Out of the Mind Matrix program please do not buy this webinar, it’s already a part of your package.


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