Spirituality & Abundance: 4-Week Series – Payment Plan

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There are so many spiritual people and healers who and live in lack based consciousness. It’s important to not live in this mindset anymore. It’s not necessary, and it doesn’t serve us or the planet. There should be no reason for lack and limitation.  I came from major lack and limitation growing up and it’s been something I’ve worked on my whole life.

This is going to be a 4 week class all about spirituality and abundance.  Can you like nice things, like a hotel on a beach, traveling, good food, nice clothes while also being a spiritual person? There’s no reason to choose one or the other. It’s only our beliefs that are going to stop us from that creative energy. I want to invite you to this series so you can experience the energy of love & abundance.

If you can’t make it live, you will always get the replay within 24 hours.

Each week is also available as single classes here (they do not come with the free gift):


If you sign up for the whole series, you will get the Prosperity Consciousness Training Webinar (a $500 value) for free.  This webinar package includes 30 Activations for Prosperity and Abundance, the Measuring Your Success handbook and replays for a 2 day live Training – which you will get for free.

Here’s a list of the activations you will get for free:

  • Prosperity Breakthrough Webinar: 9 Videos
  • Anger, Guilt, and Fear
  • Are you Stuck?
  • Oaths, Values, Commitments, and Contracts
  • Caste System: Money
  • Collective Church
  • Debtor’s Prison
  • Death and Taxes
  • Fear of Authority
  • Money Gene
  • Creative Gene
  • Disappointment Release
  • Collective Wounds Release
  • Release from Government Assistance
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Karmic Loop
  • Are You a Martyr?
  • Polar Opposite
  • Overwhelm
  • Playing it small
  • Get in the vortex
  • Millionaire Vibration Intro
  • Millionaire Vibration Activation
  • Being Extraordinary
  • Competition and Lack
  • Struggle to Survive Activation
  • Poverty Perception
  • Money Is Dirty And Rich People Suck Activation
  • Money And Time
  • Healers and Money
  • Glass Ceiling
  • Giving and Receiving


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